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Bubble Shooter Free 2
Bubble Shooter Free 2


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Bubble Shooter Free 2

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Bubble Shooter Free 2 whisks you away on a colorful, bubble popping adventure that never ends. You're presented with a playfield teeming with bubbles in a myriad of colors, arranged in 10 stacked rows against a dark blue backdrop.

Your mission is to clear these bubbles by shooting matching ones to create groups of three or more, aiming for the highest score possible before they inch too close to the bottom of the screen. This game stands out with its Bubble Swap feature allowing you to change your current bubble with the next in line adding a strategic layer to your gameplay.

Bubble Shooter Free 2 is not just about shooting bubbles; it's about strategizing, anticipating, and using every tool at your disposal to clear the screen and beat your best score. With its endless gameplay, you're in for hours of fun, whether you're playing on a desktop or on the go.

  • Mouse Desktop: Slide to aim and click to shoot your bubble towards matching ones.
  • Touch Mobile: Touch and slide to aim, then tap to shoot, seamlessly adapting the game to touchscreen controls.
  • Gameplay Tip: Utilize the swap button smartly; you have three free swaps to help you make those crucial matches.
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