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Cooking Game Delicious Dessert



Delicious Dessert Game is a cooking game that allows players to prepare desserts. As we write these lines, there are three recipes, tools to choose from, and ingredients to use to make the desserts the best ever. Gamers are directed on the ingredients to use in order to prepare the desserts of which they have chosen.

At the start of the game, players are directed step by step on how to plant berries of their choice, water them, and then finally harvest them before using them in the kitchen. Thereafter, gamers are instructed on the ingredients to pick on the shelves. Margarine, three eggs, and other ingredients are then put in the mixer, as the tutorial gives way forward on how to operate the machine. Wheat, milk, and salt are added to the mixture by tilting the smartphone until the jars are emptied, and as for salt, the right amount is put in. The mixture is then put in the oven and is ready to be served after putting the harvested berries on it.

The second dessert is made by adding milk to a pan, then turning on the cooker, putting salt in the mixture, and stirring. Margarine and eggs swirled in the mixture on heat and then used a spoon to mix it with wheat flour. The circular-shaped doughs are then deep-fried and finally served after adding berries and chocolate.


  • Players can rotate their smartphones to dispense ingredients into the mixer.
  • The game has simple interface controls
  • Ability to customize desserts with various ingredients and decorations.
  • Gamers can salt the recipe by shaking their smartphones.
  • They can grow their own fruits in the garden and harvest them when ready to use.
  • The game has various kitchen tools eg cooker, mixer, stirrers, and spoons.
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