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Welcome to our game review submission form! Here, you can submit your games available on platforms such as the App Store and the Play Store. Our team will review your game and publish a review on our website.

Submitting your game for review offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility: Your game will be featured on our website, which has a large and engaged audience of gamers and industry professionals.
  • Positive and professional feedback: Our team of experienced game reviewers will provide a constructive critique of your game that highlights its strengths.
  • Marketing exposure: By submitting your game for review, you will have the opportunity to promote your game to a wider audience and potentially increase downloads and revenue.

While the submission of your game is free, we offer an optional paid service where you can pay a fee of $49 USD to increase your chances of being featured on our site. Paid submissions are given priority in terms of review and may receive additional exposure on our site.

In addition, we are interested in partnerships with other game developers. If you are interested in exchanging links with us, please indicate so in the “Message” section of the form.

If your game is available on multiple platforms, please include the relevant URLs in the “Message” section of the form.

Thank you for considering our service! We look forward to reviewing your game and potentially forming a partnership with you in the future.

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