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Food plays a significant role in our lives. There are thousands of cooking games on Google Play Store & AppStore you can play but we have rounded up the top 10 that we believe to be the best!
This "Cooking Mama" game guide lists all the released titles along with their links across a range of gaming platforms.

What are Cooking Games?

Gaming is not only a source of entertainment but also a chance to experience something new every day. As such, it can become an educational tool, especially for the youth who deserve to have fun while learning. Cooking games, for instance, can play a crucial role in developing a love for this craft.

This type of game mimics real-life scenarios in cooking, including food preparation, presentation, and service. Cook games exist to give a glimpse of different activities in this field. It's highly diverse and covers virtually every aspect of culinary art such as techniques, baking, restaurant management, and more.

Game titles related to cooking are a hybrid genre, which means they can pack several sub-genres in one app. There are available offline and online cooking games under casual, simulation, puzzle, arcade, and other classes. Nevertheless, the popularity of these games is sky-high as they provide not only enjoyment but also informative value.

What are the best cooking games online?

Cooking is the primary gameplay mechanic in this group of games where players must complete tasks as they come. Paid and free cooking games may include controlling virtual cooking tools and performing time pressured tasks in the kitchen. In most cases, the player gets rewarded for fulfilling the missions either with points, in-game items, or level-ups.

There are a lot of games in this genre, and several more get created every day. Here are some of the best online cooking games to try!


The story of Overcooked! revolves around a team of chefs who save the world through food. Players become cooks that go on an action-packed journey to the Onion Kingdom. From exploring recipes to serving dishes to a hungry horde, there are plenty of things to do in the kitchen.

Where to get: Steam

Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama lets players have a farm to table experience. They can grow plants, raise animals, and fish, as well as create tasty meals following the recipe. In addition, over 30 mini games included in the pack ensures that there’s no dull moment in this app!

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Who knew applying a post-apocalyptic theme to cooking games is possible? Set in 2042, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is the third installment of this mega-hit series. The player chefs travel across the country to win the prestigious top spot in the Iron Cook Foodtruck Championships.

Where to get: Steam

Cooking Fever

A mobile chart-topper, Cooking Fever is one of the free cooking games that took the world by storm. It implements a time management mechanic that directs gamers to fulfill orders before the time runs out. There are many recipes to explore and over a thousand levels to complete.

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Battle Chef Brigade

There’s a twist to fresh catch in Battle Chef Brigade: the ingredients are defeated monsters! Players must hunt and prepare the dish within the time limit. It’s a race against other aspiring chefs who want to earn the ‘Brigadier’ title and become a chef in action.

Where to get: Nintendo eShop

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Chef belongs to the simulation genre, wherein users choose their path to becoming a world-renowned chef. This game deploys a full restaurant management scheme such as designing the restaurant and creating recipes. There are many ways to succeed in cooking games like this one.

Where to get: Steam

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay offers a unique experience for would-be chefs who want a world-class mentor. In this game, players can build their restaurant with the expert guidance of a chef celebrity. It's an opportunity to travel the globe and discover new dishes, and a chance to go head-to-head with friends!

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Toca Kitchen 2

Another top-rated app is Toca Kitchen 2, which allows gamers to explore their talent in cooking. Prep the ingredients and create the menu, serving specialty meals straight from the kitchen. It injects a dose of fun into the taste tester's reaction—they either love it or hate it!

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Food Street

Developed in 2018, Food Street is among the old cooking games that haven’t lost their flair over the years. The gameplay follows a restaurant management scheme where master chefs build their café, diner, or bakery. It’s a platform where players can trade ingredients and manage a garden, too.

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Types of Cooking Games Suitable by Age Groups

As a hybrid genre, cooking games offer a variety of experiences for users. Developers smartly incorporate elements that enhance the creativity, skills, and efficiency of the player. Some games can also teach time management, especially in simulation and adventure modes. Here are suitable cook games available for every age bracket.

Preschool (3-5 years)

Dr. Panda Restaurant

Tiny tykes can have loads of fun with Dr. Panda Restaurant game, which includes mini games and more. It comes with easy tasks that allow preschool kids to discover what cooking is about.

Where to get: Google Play Store

Toca Kitchen

Players can choose the dish they want to prepare and serve in Toca Kitchen. It promotes the power of play for young children to get an early glimpse of the kitchen world.

Where to get: Google Play Store

Elementary School (6-12 years)

Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama is age-appropriate for learners in grade school because it lets them perform basic cooking techniques. The touch controls are simple, making it a fun and stress-free game for kids.

Where to get: Google Play Store

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Baking black forest cake games

The step-by-step process of baking a delicious cake is presented in the Baking black forest cake games. This app is appropriate for school children who want to get an early start on their pastry chef career.

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Cook Baked Lasagna

Making lasagna is an intricate procedure, which Cook Baked Lasagna effectively simplifies. Kids aged 6 to 12 years old can get a clear picture of how this sumptuous meal is made!

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Teenagers (13-18 years)

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game

The Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game is one of the free cooking games built for teenagers. It enhances management skills as players level up by completing orders correctly and on time.

Where to get: Google Play Store


Are cooking games free to play?

A lot of players inspect whether a game is free before buying it. Fortunately, most offline and online cooking games are free to play! However, they may include ads in the form of quick pop-ups. Some allow small in-app transactions or in-game purchases to hasten a player’s progression. Still, these games are playable with or without buying anything!

On the other hand, there are games that come with a price upfront. These applications are usually suitable for those who collect game titles or are a fan of the game itself. No matter the case, it's always good to spend money on apps only when it's within budget.


How do I play cooking games online?

Games related to cooking come in different themes, styles, and platforms. Players can choose between online or offline, and paid or free cooking games when deciding what to download. There are several ways to gain access to online options for cook games, which are listed below.

Browser games

In the past, old games required the flash plugin to run on a browser. It is now obsolete since Adobe Flash Player declared its end of life in 2021. Nevertheless, players can still use their favorite browser to play. For instance, browsers like Chrome or Edge natively support various HTML5 game titles available today.

Mobile Games

Developers continue to create a healthy selection of online cooking games for mobile users. In general, there are two major platforms: Appstore for Apple devices and Playstore for Android devices. Most game developers create different versions suitable for these stores. There are many games wherein users can compete or team-up with other players regardless of their device.

PC and Mac

Most desktop game apps with a cooking theme are created for both PC and Mac. Developers focus on these two main platforms since a lot of gamers love to play their favored titles on a large monitor. Online games for these devices can be downloaded from different sites, depending on the publisher. Most of these apps are available to download on Steam and the Windows Store.


Popular games are also designed for console users who typically enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. Cook games on these gadgets feature high-quality graphics and superb frame rates. However, these apps often require bigger download resources, which may take some time to finish. There are a variety of cooking-related games that can run on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and other consoles.


The takeaway

Thanks to the ingenuity of game designers and developers, players can now immerse themselves in cooking games. There's a sub-genre for every sort of taste in gaming that customizes the experience. Whether it's a puzzle, story-mode, or adventure, gamers can find a fitting title to add to their favorites. After all, cooking is for everybody, and so should the games associated with it! Should this pique your interest read more from our selection of the top 15 best free cooking games on Android & iOS here.


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