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Why We Like Tidying Up

Clean up games are exactly what you would imagine. These are games that involve a variety of cleaning tasks for different environments. The tasks are pretty much like real-life tasks, such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes and other basic household chores. Some of these games are very simple and straightforward while others might include a more complex storyline and a variety of mini-games to make gameplay a lot more exciting. These games are a great way of teaching children the importance of cleaning and that these tasks can actually be a lot of fun.

It's interesting how cleaning games are so popular among children when in real life, these same children would hardly be excited when asked to clean their room or take out the trash. But with proper guidance, clean up games can actually be very helpful in changing a child's perspective when it comes to real-life tidying up. With fun graphics and exciting sound effects, a home cleanup game can make dull chores a lot more interesting for children.

There are a multitude of other benefits that can be gained from house cleaning games. For instance, these games can instill in kids a sense of responsibility over their own possessions and personal space. The various tasks in the game can help enhance a child’s organizational skills and give them a better appreciation for order and neatness. It also gives them a sense of achievement whenever they are able to complete a task well.

The Most Common Types of Cleaning Games

Cleaning is something that can be done anywhere, and this can be seen in the wide variety of cleaning games that are available today. Here are some of the most played categories that are available these days.

House Cleaning

This category is usually perceived as cleaning games for girls, but many boys do actually enjoy them as well. In fact, a lot of adults also like playing house cleaning games because it gives them a unique sense of satisfaction that is rarely experienced in real life. In this category, you will have to maintain the cleanliness and order of an entire household, making sure all the rooms are spic and span. Every time you finish a task, you gain rewards that you can use to make the house even cleaner and better. Many of these games come with a storyline and mini-games that make cleaning even more fulfilling.


It is extremely important to keep restaurants pristine at all times. In restaurant cleaning games, you have to make sure that both the kitchen and the dining area meet hygiene and industry standards. The slightest lapse can turn away customers and worse, might even result in the closure of the restaurant!

Cars and Transportation Vehicles

Most of the games in this category are built around a car wash format, where you will have to thoroughly clean cars and other vehicles that come in for a service. Some of these games will give you a series of challenges in car washing and car detailing, which you need to overcome using the skills and tools that are available to you. The ultimate goal is to earn the satisfaction and approval of the customer when you hand over their freshly clean vehicle.


The objective in outdoor cleaning games is pretty much the same as in other clean up games, but in an outdoor setting. It could be a backyard, a park, a public beach, or even a body of water like a lake or a river. Depending on the premise of the game, you might have to pick up trash, hose down walkways, rake leaves, restore plants, and so on. These games are a great eye-opener to kids about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Top Cleaning Games Online

There are hundreds of cleaning games that you can choose from these days, all from different categories. Here, we have rounded up some of the highest rated games that are not only fun for kids but also recommended by parents.

Princess Room Cleanup Games

The life of a princess is extremely glamorous, at least based on what most people see. But the Princess Room cleanup games show you the side that is hidden from the world, and you will see that usually, it can be a bit messy. In this game, your job is to keep the princess's room clean and tidy at all times. You will have to straighten the furniture, pick up the dirty clothes from the floor, put away her dolls, remove cobwebs from the corners, and many more. It might take a bit of work to get everything perfect but it can be very fulfilling as well. The goal is to get everything in order in time for when the princess returns to her castle.

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At first, you might think it's just like any other cleaning game but that is not the case with this particular game. In Chores! – Spring into Cleaning, you will have to complete challenge after challenge in order to advance, with each challenge really testing your cleaning skills. From finding matching socks to pouring cereal without a single spill into a bowl, you will have to finish all the tasks properly until the house is all straightened out!

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Cleaning House

Cleaning the house is hardly a child's favorite thing to do, but with this online game, things are about to change. In this very popular game by YovoGames, kids will start to see the fun side of doing household chores. Designed for toddlers, this game introduces children to basic house cleaning tasks. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride each time they finish a task through a variety of rewards.

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Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon

It is never too early to teach children about keeping our oceans and other bodies of water clean, and this game does that very well. In Idle Ocean Cleaner, your goal is to save the waters from pollution by collecting plastics as you traverse the waters, and then recycling them so they don't turn into pollutants. There are also a number of mini games where you can do even more cleaning and saving of marine animals. As you progress, you can upgrade your ships and unlock more researches so that you can do even more work to save the planet.

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Clean Up My Fashion Hair Salon

It might be a place to get all dolled up and get a fancy hairstyle, but there’s actually a lot of mess that goes on in a fashion hair salon. In addition to all the hair scattered all over the floors, there are also plenty of bottles and makeup items strewn about at the end of the day. In this game, your job is to clean the parlor before the customers come in. You need to vacuum and mop the floor, scrub the mirrors, wipe any spills, and put everything back where they belong. Remember that the success of the salon relies a lot on its cleanliness, so you need to do a fantastic job!

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