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People often assume that video games are simply for entertainment, but the latest titles can provide so much more. Surgery games unpack some of the most challenging skills to acquire in medicine. It breaks down the concept into simpler, understandable terms. Also, they come with a level of enjoyment that makes them fit for a wide range of audiences.

Operation games cover different techniques that allow players to study the human body. A surgery simulator game not only provides education but also helps to exercise the brain. Most gameplays in this genre test the player’s problem-solving skills. If you want to discover game reviews, titles, and free surgery games for kids online, this site is a good place to start.

What are the various types of surgery games?

There’s a fantastic selection of games centered around a surgery theme. Read up on some of these types below!


For gamers who want something light and easy to play, casual operation games will surely work. These titles are highly entertaining and great for when you want to pass the time. Typically, graphic design involves comical characters and scenarios. Games of this sort can have larger-than-life and cartoonish themes that will appeal to young and young-at-heart groups.


Realistic medical simulation games are fit for a more serious audience because they feature true-to-life concepts. These video games are almost straight out of the operating room—the patient presents an illness requiring medical intervention. Doctor games let players practice their skills and learn about cases they can possibly face in real life.

Dental care

Dentistry is a special medical area, which means that dentist games are a league of their own. In this genre, the user can encounter situations that happen in a dental clinic. From cleaning the teeth to extraction and braces, aspiring dentists are in for some fun learning through these surgery games.


Like humans, animals can get sick and need medical attention, too. Veterinary games exist to teach gamers to care for pets and cure their ailments. The setting usually takes place in the vet clinic, although some may feature animals and their farm living.

Hospital management

In hospital games, players go through the basics of managing patients and various activities occurring within the sickbay. With mechanics like time limit and resource management in play, this type of game gives an exciting rush for players!

What are the best surgery games across gaming platforms?

You can get first-hand experience with various surgical games when you try these highly recommended titles.

Phone and Tablets (Android and iOS)

Heart’s Medicine – Doctor Game

Embark in a story full of love and life in Heart’s Medicine – Doctor Game. The main character is an intern navigating the ups and downs of being a doctor. Players must complete objectives like diagnosing and treating patients to level up like a pro.

Google Play Store:


Dentist fear - Doctor Games

Dentist fear- Doctor Games can help little ones discover the fun in dental care. It's one of the surgery games for kids online that can inspire them to keep their pearly whites healthy. Plus, the steps in oral care make for some fun mechanics in the game!

Read more about our app review on Dentist Fear - Doctor Games.

Operate Now Hospital – Surgery

A surgery simulator, Operate Now Hospital – Surgery is an action-packed title featuring realistic surgeries and facilities. You can also upgrade and manage the hospital and learn about the characters’ interesting backstories along the way.

Google Play Store:


*also available on Nintendo eShop

Browser Games

Surgery Hospital

Surgery games like Surgery Hospital let players deal with a myriad of patients with varying levels of illness. It’s a browser game for aspiring medical professionals who want to learn as much as they can through video games!

Browser Link:           

PC, Consoles, and VR Surgery Games

Surgeon Simulator

Get a glimpse of the pressures inside the operating room with Surgeon Simulator. This title offers the unique experience of saving a life by performing different types of surgeries. The diverse scenarios and local co-op play are enough reasons to give it a try.


Steam (Experience Reality VR):

Nintendo eShop:

PlayStation (Anniversary version):

Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a fitting answer to the success of the first title in the franchise. With an online multiplayer mode added to the mix, this game elevates the thrill and action for would-be surgeons!



Bio Inc. Redemption

Players need to devise the best strategies in Bio Inc. Redemption to save a life or destroy it. It’s one of the surgery games that lets you choose a side and compete with other players in PvP mode.



MEDICALHOLODECK tackles real-life situations and scenes that help medical students learn through virtual reality. This simulation game previews various processes like medical imaging, anatomy review, and so much more.

Steam VR:

Operate Now: Hospital

The console version of Operate Now: Hospital is a treat to Nintendo users who love this game. It’s a test of quick and critical thinking that anyone aspiring to join the medical field should experience!

Nintendo eShop:


Operation games manage to deliver education and entertainment at the same time, making them valuable for gamers worldwide. Get a feel for what it's like as a medical expert through surgery games featured here on our site today!

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