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Out of all the mobile games available online dress up games are some of the most popular genres. Play the best 10 dress-up games on Play Store & App Store, offering endless customization for hours of fun!

Most kids go through a phase in childhood where they just love to play dress up. Indeed, putting on mom's and dad's clothes and shoes makes for hours of fun! With dressup games, kids today can take their creativity and imagination to even greater lengths, with the endless costumes and accessories made available to them through the games. Aside from being a lot of fun, dress up games can also be highly valuable for building children's resourcefulness and innovation, as well as establishing their own identity when it comes to style and dressing.

Why Are Dress Up Games Popular?

For one thing, dress up games are so simple to play, and many of them are available for free. They are extremely fun, allowing kids to stretch their imaginations and become whatever they want to be. It is also for this reason that dress up games are a hit with parents as well. In comparison to other games that don’t really have much educational value, dress up games enhance a child’s creativity in a wholesome way, and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves, even in gameplay.

What Are Common Themes Covered by Dress Up Games?

When you ask a child what they like to dress up as, the answers could be so diverse and plentiful. But when it comes to dress up games there are a few themes that really stand out as the most popular ones among kids and kids at heart.


Sometimes, dressing up like your favorite celebrities, whether it is a singer, an actor, a sports celebrity, or even a politician, is enough to make you feel like a star as well. Emulate the styles of your idols and if you do very well, you might even pass for a double!

Fairy Tales and Princesses

This is a theme that figures in all types of games, most of all dress up games. It is the ultimate fantasy of many little girls to become a princess and with these games, they have the chance to act out their fantasies.

Wedding and Prom

Part of the excitement of getting married or even attending someone else’s wedding, or even your prom or some other grand bash, is getting all dolled up for it. Choose from elaborate gowns and seductive cocktail dresses and be the most glamorous version of yourself!


Pet lovers would get a kick out of dress up games that feature animals. Get ideas for the next costumes you would buy or make for your furry pals using these games.

Dolls and Barbies

Of course, we have all dressed up our Barbie dolls when we were young but with these dress up games for girls, and even for boys, it is now easier to do that. There are also so many more outfits, shoes and accessories to choose from, and you can mix and match them with just a simple click.


Ever wondered what you would look like if you pursue your dream of becoming an astronaut, a police officer, or a teacher? Dress up games featuring various professions will let you see just how you would look depending on which career path you take.

Holiday and Seasonal

Whenever Christmas or Halloween comes around, many people, both kids and adults, get excited about dressing up for the occasion. The same is true for the different seasons. With these dress-up games, you can try out new outfits for whatever season or holiday, no matter what time of the year it is.


It’s wonderful how diverse global cultures are, especially when it comes to dressing up. Cultural dress up games can really open up a child’s or even a grownup’s eyes as to how the rest of the world wears clothes. It’s very educational, boosting one’s awareness and cultural appreciation through fun.

Fashion Show

Strut the runway in your most magnificent outfits in these fashion show dress up makeover games. Dazzle the audience with the stylish pieces of clothing that you would put together yourself, topped off with the best accessories to make sure that you are the star of the show.


The list of dress up makeover categories would not be complete without superheroes. While most of these games focus on Barbie games or princess dresses for girls, the superhero theme is something that even boys can get into.

Top Dress up Games to Play on Mobile

With the continuously growing popularity of dress up games, there are now so many choices out there and it can be hard to pick the best one. To help you find the game that would be the best fit for your preferences, here are some of our most recommended titles.

Shopping Mall & Dress up Game

Head to the mall to pick out the best outfit to portray your style! There's more to these fashion dress up games than just buying clothes and accessories, though. You can also enter style contests and do fashion shows at the mall, showing off your newly put together look. Choose items from real popular brands and even get advice from a professional stylist.

Where to get: Appstore

Covet Fashion

Live out your wildest fashion fantasies in this amazing mobile dress up game. Choose from hundreds of outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks from some of the most popular brands today. Unlock even more choices by winning face-offs and fashion shows and by accomplishing milestones within the game.

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Vlinder Fashion Queen Dress up

One of the most frequently downloaded dress up games in the world today, Vlinder Fashion Queen Dress Up offers a wide variety of clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles. Try out a host of different styles, mixing and matching the different pieces of fashion until you find that perfect look for your model.

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Shopping Mall Girl

The shopping mall in this dress up game offers infinite choices when it comes to fashion. No matter what type of clothes, shoes and accessories you like, you’ll find it all here! With the help of a personal shopper, gather all that you need and show off your style in fashion shows and style contests. The better you look, the more new style options you can access, letting you create even more fabulous get-ups!

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

Shining Anime Star

The game begins with a plain paper doll of the most basic anime form, which you can glam up according to your desired style. With so many tools and features that you can use, there is no limit to the kinds of looks you can create. Some features do require that you watch some ads first but it's all good because the game is available for free! In the more advanced PK mode, you will have to dress up your doll in a specific style, enter it in a contest and compete with other dolls. If you win, you can get exclusive outfits or accessories not available to all players.

Where to get: AppstoreGoogle Play Store

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