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What Are Makeover Games About?

Anyone who spends a decent amount of time online would have noticed the abundance of makeover games online that you could play these days. They come in many different varieties, but most revolve around the categories of fashion, beauty and interior design. Today, we will talk about the different kinds of makeover games that are currently topping the ratings, and the reasons why such games are so popular.

Although they vary widely in theme and specific details, all makeover games follow the same basic format. You begin with something that is in a less than ideal state – it could be a face, a character, a room, or whatnot – and your goal is to transform it into something that looks so much better by making the necessary changes.

In almost all the games, you are given a set of tools and features that you can use to make the changes. How you use these tools is up to you. The result will then be rated accordingly to see how well you did.

What Makes Makeover Games So Popular?

Makeover games are highly popular because they let players strive for an ideal that is not always possible or practical in the real world. It is a chance to exercise one’s creativity, think outside the box and have full control until you get your desired outcome. On the other hand, some of the games also give people inspiration for real-life makeovers, which they can implement after trying out different possibilities within the game.

While makeover games are generally very popular, there are different sub-genres that attract specific age groups and other demographics. Let’s take a look at some of the most played makeover game categories these days and how players engage with them.

Hair and Makeup Makeover Games

A lot of people like to experiment with different looks, but this is especially exciting for young girls who want to try out all kinds of hairstyles and colors, as well as makeup looks. Having purple hair and dark gothic eyes might not be appropriate for some real life scenarios but in makeover makeup games for girls, they can play to their heart's content and create that perfect look to match their fashion style and personality.

Room or Interior Makeover Games

House designing is another very popular category. In these games, you usually get an empty room which you can decorate as you wish. You can put in furniture, color the walls, add all the décor you want, and see how your design fares based on professional standards.

Full Makeover Games (they include every aspect)

Full makeover games combine all the different types of makeovers into one all-inclusive game. Instead of just focusing on makeup, hairstyle, outfits or interior design, a full make over game lets you tinker with all these areas for a full transformation.

Pet Makeover Games

Animal lovers can have a lot of fun with pet makeover games. In some games, all you have to do is create a unique look for your animal. But for many others, you will also have to take care of them right from the start. You need to feed them, bathe them, take them to the vet, and make sure they are healthy and happy. It’s great practice for kids who want to have a real pet of their own.

Fairy Tale and Princess Makeover Games

A timeless classic for your girls, fairy tales and princess makeovers let them live out their fantasies of being a princess and being as beautiful as they possibly can be. Not only that, some of these games also come with exciting story lines where the players will have to do things like find their true love, save the kingdom, and many more!

Wedding Makeover Games

Many young girls dream of having the perfect wedding someday, hence the popularity of wedding makeover games. In many of these games, though, you are not the bride but the makeup artist, and your task is to make the bride as beautiful as possible for their wedding day. Put your makeup and hairstyling skills to the test and try to create a look that would please the bride.

Spa and Wellness Makeover Games

Spa and wellness makeover games let you do a range of makeovers for clients. From manicures and pedicures to facials and even cosmetic surgery. Assess each client and find out what kind of spa treatment they need, and do what you can to provide the service well.

Barbie and Doll Makeover Games

These makeover games give you the chance to become a doll maker who will create different types of dolls based on the specifications given or on your own preferences. You will have an array of tools and materials to use for creating and styling your doll.

Tracing the history of online makeover games

Makeover games have been around for a while, although the first releases were not nearly as smooth and high tech as the ones that are available today. Some of the first makeover games were created on Flash, which was a highly popular platform back in the day when so many creative games were born. But now, mobile games have taken over. With the advanced gameplay and cutting edge graphics, as well as the inherently addictive quality of these games, it is no surprise how quickly mobile makeover games have taken over the internet.

Top Online Makeover Games to Play Online

If you want to check out some of the makeover games online today, here are some of our most recommended titles.

Olivia Bride & Wedding Dresses

Olivia is about to get married and it is up to you to make her look fabulous for this special occasion! Pick out her dress, veil, and jewelry then do her hair and makeup, and put the look all together, making sure that she is absolutely flawless.

Download on Appstore

Project Makeover

Give different characters the ultimate makeover, from changing their looks and wardrobe to giving their rooms an upgrade as well. But makeovers can be expensive, so you need to earn coins for them by playing a series of match-3 games and mini-games. As you work your way up the levels, it also gets harder and harder!

Download on Google Play Store and Appstore

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games

If you are looking for a make over game that has more realistic characters compared to the others, this would be a great choice. Transform the look of different models from blah to absolutely gorgeous using an array of makeup, clothes, hairstyles, and all kinds of accessories.

Download on Google Play Store and Appstore

YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor

Considered by many to be one of the best makeup games for girls, YouCam makeup lets the players take selfies and enhance their own images using various filters or simply retouching some of your makeup, giving your face a fresh, gorgeous look.

Download on Google Play Store and Appstore

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

Designed for players 12 years and up, Super Stylist Fashion Makeover lets you unleash your inner fashionista by giving clients fabulous makeovers. As you progress, you can unlock new features that will make you perform even better, until you become the ultimate super stylist in town!

Download on Google Play Store and Appstore

Covet Fashion: Outfit Designer

Marketed as the ultimate fashion design game, Covet Fashion: Outfit Designer comes with a plethora of choices when it comes to makeup, hairstyles and outfits, including real designer brands, that you can use to glam up your model.

Download on Google Play Store and Appstore

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