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What Are Coloring Games?

Coloring has always been an activity enjoyed by young children and adults alike. For children, it’s a great way to develop creativity and imagination. For adults, it’s a very therapeutic activity and an effective method of de-stressing.

Traditionally, coloring was done on coloring pages and books, using various mediums like crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, and so on. But as digital technology evolved, coloring games for PC and mobile devices quickly became popular. Today, there are hundreds of fantastic coloring games online to choose from, many of which are free to use. We will mention some of our recommended games further in this article.

What Are the Popular Themes for Coloring Pages?

You can actually color just about anything under the sun and beyond. The choices are so diverse that whatever you want to color, you will probably be able to find it online. But certain themes do stand out compared to others.

Animals and Pets

Children just love animals and this is evident in how many coloring games for kids feature pets, farm animals, wild animals, birds, and so on. It’s a wonderful way of introducing young children to the many beautiful animals there are in the world.


In Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is a symbol of the universe and is thought to bring inner peace and completeness. Coloring the intricate patterns featured in these geometric shapes is also very relaxing to the mind, which is why mandalas are a top choice in coloring games for adults.

Cartoons and Characters

What could be more fun than to color your favorite cartoon characters and bring them to life? Children love cartoons so this is naturally a popular theme for them. But there are also adults who love cartoons, and putting color into these black and white characters can also bring back a lot of childhood memories.

Seasonality and Holiday Themes

Coloring games that are themed around Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and many other popular holidays are very popular as these holidays come around the corner. These coloring games are a great way to get into the spirit of the season, for both kids and adults.


Trains, airplanes, cars and other vehicles can be very fun to color especially for young children who are fascinated by these objects. Color them realistically or in wild, imaginative hues – it’s all up to you!

Sports and Accessories

Coloring games involving sports and accessories are a fun way to introduce kids to these interesting objects around them. At an early age, they will gain a familiarity with these items, and might even develop an interest in certain sports and accessories through coloring.


An all-time favorite coloring theme for both kids and adults, nature offers so many amazing images that can be colored. From delicate flowers and delicious fruits to majestic sceneries and magnificent animals of the wild – there is an endless selection from nature for coloring.

Pixel Arts

Pixel arts is a special type of coloring game where instead of coloring in broad strokes, you can add colors to the image pixel by pixel. It's not for the impatient but this type of coloring game is an excellent way to relax and unwind.

Popular Online Coloring Games on Phones and Tablets

While there are some coloring apps that come with a paid subscription, there are also many coloring games for free to choose from. As promised, here are our top recommendations.

Happy Color: Coloring Book

Suitable for both kids and adults, this coloring app features a myriad of themes, from color by number games to your favorite Disney and Marvel characters. There are also a variety of art games included, taking your coloring activities to a whole new level.

Download it from the App Store:
Download it from Google Play Store:

Zen Color – Color by Number

If you are stressed out after a very busy day at work or school, this coloring game can definitely make you feel lighter. Gradually bring pretty pictures to life by coloring them by number. Choosing from a range of calming images – beautiful sceneries, mandalas, animals, nature – there is something here for every preference.

Download it from the App Store:
Download it from Google Play Store:

Coloring Games: Color & Paint

A highly rated mobile coloring game for kids, this app comes with a multitude of tools for drawing and painting that kids can experiment with. Your little one can choose to color, draw, doodle, paint by number, and do many more fun art activities.

Download it from the App Store:
Download it from Google Play Store:

Coloring by Number: Coloring Game

This is a pixel art type of coloring game that lets you color in the image of your choice one pixel at a time. Each pixel is numbered so you are sure to get an amazing result if you follow the numbers correctly. Be amazed as the picture forms before your eyes!

Download it from the App Store:
Download it from Google Play Store:

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