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Bob The Robber
Bob The Robber


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Bob The Robber

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In Bob the Robber, you engage in a stealthy adventure as Bob, a skilled thief. Navigate through platform levels utilizing your expertise in lock-picking and burglary to redistribute wealth from the affluent to the needy, all while skillfully evading capture.

  • Moving Bob: Navigate Bob using the Left and Right Arrow Keys or the A and D keys.
  • Interactions: To interact with objects, search for money, use stairs or elevators, or manipulate objects behind Bob, press the Up Arrow Key. Your goal is to reach the level's end and safely exit.
  • Handling Obstacles: To open locked doors, use lockpicks or input numerical codes by holding the Up Arrow Key. Deactivate laser grids by holding the Up Arrow Key at the corresponding electrical box. Search the environment with the Up Arrow Key to discover hidden cash.
  • Combat Actions: Press the Spacebar to incapacitate enemies.
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