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Paper.IO 2
Paper.IO 2


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Paper.IO 2

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Recent Games To Play 2 invites you into a world of strategic color conquest where your goal is to cover the map with your hue. This multiplayer .io game challenges you to navigate a square avatar across a blank canvas claiming territory by circling back to your existing area.

Beware, as venturing out leaves your tail vulnerable to attacks from rivals aiming to cut your journey short. Success lies in cunningly expanding your domain while safeguarding it from encroachments by others. With its simple mechanics and competitive edge, 2 becomes a compelling blend of strategy and agility encouraging you to outmaneuver opponents and dominate the arena.

 The vibrant clash of colors in 2 where strategic expansion and sharp maneuvers are your keys to victory. Whether aiming to cover the entire map or simply to best your last score, 2 provides an accessible yet deep strategic playground for all.


  • Connect your trail back to your colored area to secure the territory.
  • Be cautious of your tail; protect it from other players to survive and continue expanding your domain.


  • Move your character by dragging the mouse around the screen to spread your color.


  • Move your character and spread your color by swiping around the screen.
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