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Bomb It 6
Bomb It 6


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Bomb It 6

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Bomb It 6, a continuation of the Bomb It series. It delivers an exciting blend of action and strategic gameplay inspired by the classic Bomberman games. In this version you navigate colorful levels, planting bombs to clear obstacles and outsmart opponents.

The game offers a range of modes including arcade, battle royale, green zone, survive and treasure trail each adding a unique twist to the familiar mechanics.

You can choose from various cute and cool characters to bring some personalized flair to the destruction. The game also introduces new graphics and modes, enhancing its addicting gameplay. Whether facing off against AI bots or competing in multiplayer battles, Bomb It 6 promises hours of explosive fun with its strategic depth and dynamic action.


  • Move: Use the arrow keys for single player mode or WASD for the first player in two player mode.
  • Place Bomb: Press the space bar for both single-player and the first player in two-player mode. The second player in two player mode will use the Enter key to place bombs.


  • Move: Swipe your finger in the desired direction.
  • Place Bomb: Tap on the screen.
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