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Snail Bob 5
Snail Bob 5


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Snail Bob 5

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Enjoy and get ready for more fun with Snail Bob 5, the newest addition to the fantastic Snail Bob platform series! This time, our hero Bob is smitten by a lovely singer snail and he's determined to see her live in concert. Your job is to help Bob navigate through a forest filled with challenges and obstacles to meet his crush.

Each level brings a unique puzzle to solve. You'll need to figure out each one to move on to the next stage. Don't worry, Bob's ant buddy is there to help you out and offer tips. Pay close attention to the layout and mechanics of the platforms, objects, and levers in each level. Snail Bob 5 adds exciting new challenges to the series and promises a whole lot of fun.

Left click to interact
1 to turn around
2 to speed up
Space bar to hide in the shell

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