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Agility, strategy and growth are your keys to survival! In this captivating game, you start as a small worm with big dreams: to become the largest and most feared slithering champion in the arena. Navigate through a colorful and competitive landscape gobbling up food and smaller snakes to grow in size and strength. But beware, the path to glory is fraught with dangers; a single collision with a larger snake can turn your hard-earned feast into someone else's feast. As you glide through the arena, you'll need to outmaneuver and outwit other players using cunning tactics to trap them and absorb their power. With each snake you consume, your worm becomes longer and more formidable, allowing you to rule the leaderboard and become the ultimate slithering victor. Focus on consuming both food pellets and smaller snakes to increase your size and strength. Avoid head-on collisions unless you're sure you're the bigger worm. This game is a battle for supremacy, a test of survival, where only the slickest and quickest can claim victory!


  • Navigate: Use your mouse to steer your worm around the arena.
  • Speed Boost: Hit the Space Bar to activate a speed boost, helping you escape from predators or catch unsuspecting prey. Be cautious; using the boost decreases your size slightly.
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