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Vex 4
Vex 4


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Vex 4

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Vex 4 propels the Vex series forward with its thrilling platformer challenges, where agility, strategy and quick reflexes are key to conquering each level. As the fourth installment, it maintains the series' core mechanics running, jumping, sliding, and swimming while introducing even more complex obstacles and levels to navigate.

This game tests players through a variety of acts, each demanding a blend of speed, precision, and tactical thinking to overcome.

The game's appeal lies in its straightforward yet deep gameplay mechanics, encouraging players to push their limits across various difficulty levels. Whether you're a seasoned player of the series or new to the Vex world, Vex 4 promises a blend of frustration and triumph, with each completed act feeling like a true achievement.

  • Movement: Use the AD or Left/Right Arrow keys for lateral movement.
  • Jump: The W or Up Arrow key propels the character into the air.
  • Crouch: To enter a door or act, use the S or Down Arrow key.
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