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Best VR Cooking Games

best vr cooking games

The fusion of innovation and culinary artistry has given rise to a delectable genre: VR cooking games. Virtual reality cooking games provide an immersive experience to become a master chef.

Embark on a savory adventure that blends culinary innovation with the virtual realm. In the captivating universe of VR cooking games, experience an alluring mix of cutting-edge technology and the finesse of cookery.

Spanning dynamic culinary trials to tranquil cooking simulations, delve into a thoughtfully curated array of premier VR cooking games, meticulously crafted to entice both master chefs and novice cooks alike.

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The Top 9 VR cooking games

Lost Recipes

lost recipes

Lost Recipes is an exceptionally well-crafted cooking VR game, with its core mechanics seamlessly bringing ancient culinary traditions back to life. The kitchen incorporates a subtle yet impressive physics system, which becomes truly impressive once one understands the complexity of achieving naturalistic physics within a culinary setting.

The Gameplay

We played Lost Recipes and it perfectly embodies the high standard one would anticipate from a studio as skilled as Schell Games. The visual design is vibrant and readily comprehensible. The game world strikes a balance between being approachable with its touch of exaggeration and delivering a sense of authenticity.

The visual cues, especially concerning the ingredients, are convincing, and objects move and behave in a manner consistent with expectations.

The Game Span

The game also strives to cultivate a serene and soothing atmosphere, offering players opportunities to discover brief yet rejuvenating moments of tranquility. Nonetheless, these instances tend to be rather fleeting. Each cuisine or culture presents merely three dishes for preparation, with most requiring approximately 6 to 7 minutes to complete.

While there are a handful of more intricate dishes demanding around 15 minutes, our overall impression suggests that a full playthrough would likely span no more than 1.5 to 2 hours.

Lost Recipes is currently accessible on the Meta Quest Platform for $9.99 USD.

Clash of Chefs VR

clash of chefs vr

We tried Clash of Chefs VR and it presents a remarkably uncomplicated premise for a cooking game. In this virtual experience, players assume the role of disembodied hands, skillfully positioned within a bustling kitchen environment complete with an array of ingredients and culinary tools. The objective is to craft an assortment of meals and side dishes.

The Gameplay

As patrons enter your restaurant, their orders materialize on your display, gradually introducing new dishes and components, thereby elevating the tempo and intricacy. Swift completion of orders is crucial, as delays result in lower scores, underscoring the importance of meticulous preparation. Yet, allowing a dish to linger for too long leads to spoilage or cooling, requiring a fresh start.

How Does It Fare?

Clash of Chefs adeptly handles the fundamental aspects of a cooking game. The kitchen layout is sensibly organized, offering a seamless and instinctive experience. Orders are displayed on the screen in a clearly recognizable manner, enabling swift identification of required components even during fast-paced gameplay.

The act of grabbing and placing items mimics real-life interactions, a notably intricate aspect of the genre that Clash of Chefs excels. While we encountered a minor hiccup or two, overall, the game minimizes concerns about mistakenly grabbing the wrong item or missing altogether, granting players the confidence to perform at a brisk pace.

Clash of Chefs is currently accessible on the Meta Quest Platforms for $19.99 USD.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

cook out a sandwich tale

We tested the gameplay in Cook-Out and it is a fast-paced whirlwind, primarily revolving around reviewing orders, collecting the necessary ingredients, skillfully chopping them with your cleaver, and precisely arranging them on appropriately numbered plates. In contrast to Overcooked, where orders were more flexible, Cook-Out assigns specific orders to particular dishes, offering less room for turning mistakes into happy coincidences, as is often found in the carefree spirit of Bob Ross.

How Does It Fare?

Cook-Out maintains a level of sternness in this aspect. Similar to Overcooked, you’ll often find yourself lacking certain ingredients for upcoming orders. When playing solo, you must rely on the assistance of the Rob-Bot, another cook who possesses the ingredients you lack. To keep him effective, you’ll need to periodically wind his crankshaft to charge his battery, ensuring his willingness to help every few minutes.

Is It The Best Game Out There?

We played Cook-Out and it stands out as a multiplayer cooking VR game on the Quest, offering an immensely enjoyable experience. We wholeheartedly endorse it. This family-friendly game transcends age boundaries, making it an ideal choice for both unfamiliar players and close companions. Whether collaborating with strangers, partners, or friends, the game delivers a gratifying challenge, an array of diversions, and substantial replay potential

Cook-Out is currently accessible on the Meta Quest Platforms for $19.99 USD.

Cooking Simulator VR

cooking simulator vr

Much like other titles in the “X Simulator” genre, the appeal of Cooking Simulator VR caters to a specific niche. However, even those with a casual interest in the concept will discover numerous appealing aspects. Among the popular Oculus Quest 2 cooking games, Cooking Simulator VR grants players the opportunity to experiment and master recipes within the confines of a virtual kitchen, offering both lighthearted enjoyment and educational value. Additionally, for those seeking a more demanding test of their culinary prowess, the unexpectedly enjoyable career mode presents a satisfying challenge.

The Gameplay

We tested the game and our engagement in Cooking Simulator VR revolved around the sandbox mode, primarily due to its open-ended nature. The whimsical manner in which you interact with your kitchen generates an entertaining experience, and the absence of a time constraint was particularly appealing.

The act of flipping raw steaks within Cooking Simulator VR holds an oddly captivating satisfaction, and the mesmerizing jiggle physics only enhances the experience.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the game, our primary critique of Cooking Simulator VR lies in its limited community features, aside from the provided leaderboards. While the addition of multiplayer would be desirable, it’s important to recognize that implementing such features isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem for developers.

Cooking Simulator VR is currently available on the Meta Quest Platform.

Counter Fight

counter fight

Counter Fight, developed by Tricol Co., immerses players in the role of a ramen restaurant owner, challenging them to cope with an influx of customers within either a 5-minute time frame or an endless mode. Candidly speaking, although the game delivers amusement, its depth is comparable to the bowls of ramen served to patrons.

The Gameplay

Placed behind the counter of their personal ramen eatery, players encounter an array of ingredients at their disposal. Opposite the counter, four seats await customers who rapidly populate the establishment, seeking swift bites to eat.

In order to satiate the appetites of the bustling residents in this modest eastern Asian city, players are equipped with a large broth container, a four-basket ramen pot, and a choice of five potential ramen toppings, from which two are selected for each order.

How Does It Fare?

In our opinion, while Counter Fight is by no means an inadequate game, it doesn’t quite capture the social engagement that contributes to the allure of titles like Overcooked. This absence of a social component leaves the game world feeling somewhat vacant and lacking the vibrant atmosphere that could have been.

We grasp the game’s intention to emulate a quaint ramen shop experience, and while we haven’t personally visited one, we can appreciate the possibility of such places being operated by a lone chef.

Counter Fight is presently accessible on the Meta Quest Platform, priced at $14.99 USD.

Planet Pizza

planet pizza

We played the Pizza Master cooking VR game and it delivers a high-energy pizza-making experience tailor-made for Virtual Reality. Take on the role of a chef armed with 8 essential ingredients, crafting an array of pizzas to cater to your customers’ appetites. Stay vigilant, though—time is of the essence, and customers’ patience dwindles rapidly!

The Gameplay

The game seamlessly draws you in with its instinctive gameplay and Pixar-esque visuals, immersing you in the bustling world of pizza creation. As your skills advance, business flourishes, but with success comes challenges. Customers grow increasingly demanding, unwelcome visitors like robbers make an appearance, and if you don’t elevate your standards, you might find yourself back on the streets!

What To Expect?

Experience the reminiscent charm of your initial minimum wage takeaway gig, infused with vibrant colors, exhilarating excitement, and pure fun.

Engage in asymmetric local co-op gameplay. Assume the role of the VR-based pizza chef while a collaborator on the same PC takes on the mantle of a waiter using a mouse and keyboard. Effective teamwork and communication are pivotal, with the waiter exclusively viewing and serving orders while the chef exclusively crafts them.

Pizza Master VR is now accessible on the Steam Platform!

Rags to Dishes

rags to dishes

Embark on a culinary journey with Rags to Dishes, an immersive single-player virtual reality cooking game. Transport yourself to the medieval era, where you’ll undertake the rewarding task of preparing delectable dishes for famished villagers.

What To Expect?

Commence your culinary adventure as a humble cook catering to Peasants, nurturing aspirations of ascending the ranks to serve the esteemed Royal court and ultimately claim the title of the realm’s finest chef. As you progress through the three distinct stages, the recipes you handle will evolve. To enhance your culinary prowess and earnings, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire upgrades along your path to gastronomic success.

Is It Worth The Money?

We tried ‘Rags to Dishes’ and the game immerses players in a virtual job-style game, tasking them with serving food and beverages to a variety of villagers. Beneath its cartoonish aesthetics lies a surprising level of challenge, with customers growing increasingly impatient. Despite its enjoyable gameplay and the opportunity to gradually upgrade your food stall for expanded offerings, the current price point may seem a bit steep.

While it remains entertaining, there’s a risk of monotony setting in, potentially diminishing the overall value, especially at the price of £14.99. It could prove more worthwhile to acquire the game during a sale, allowing for a better return on investment.

Rags to Dishes is currently accessible on the Steam Platform.



An innovative take on the procedural bartending genre, this cooking VR game delivers a pleasantly engaging diversion for a short period.

The Gameplay

Playing as an ordinary office worker unexpectedly thrust into the role of a “startender” on a space station, you cater to an eclectic mix of cosmic customers. The game conservatively utilizes space, minimizing your movement and allowing the gameplay to thrive within confined parameters.

The hand-tracking mechanics are notably robust, with minimal floating movement often seen in more physically demanding games.

How Does It Fare?

The bartending aspect could become repetitive after a while, but the game effectively combats this issue by interspersing various tasks and diversions between drink-making shifts. A standout feature is an engaging minigame, where you construct the tools required for your bartending job, along with some playful but not fully developed sports games in your in-game bedroom.

All in all, the game impressively bundles a substantial amount of content into a reasonably priced package, providing a delightfully whimsical experience that’s well worth your time.

Play Startenders now on the Meta Quest Platform.

The Cooking Game VR

the cooking game vr

Experience the exhilarating rush of meticulously crafting delectable fast-food masterpieces, immersing yourself in a gastronomic rivalry with fellow expert chefs, and gratifying the hunger of enthusiastic customers. Get ready to go head-to-head with another skilled player, embarking on a culinary clash to secure the coveted position at the summit of the leaderboard.

Seamlessly shift between captivating single-player escapades and heart-pounding multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP) modes for an all-encompassing gaming adventure.

The Gameplay

Ditch firearms for condiment-filled bottles in the exciting PvP world of The Cooking Game VR. Engage in intense battles within a nostalgic fast food setting, evolving in complexity across levels. Showcase culinary skills, outsmart foes with better gear and refined abilities, and master the grill to craft and adorn burgers and hot dogs. Secure victory by tactically outperforming rivals.

You can experience this dynamic gameplay on the Meta Quest Platform for a mere $7.99 USD.


Spanning the spectrum from lighthearted whimsy to gripping challenges, the realm of virtual reality cooking games presents a sensory banquet. As technology ceaselessly propels forward, the potential for VR cooking games remains boundless. This guarantees that the delight of venturing into culinary realms within the virtual domain will consistently deliver a gratifying experience.

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