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The Best Cooking Games

Cooking Craze The Best Cooking Games

Nothing compares to delicious food. Although most of us like a good dinner, only some are skilled cooks. Fortunately, the mobile gaming sector is here to support. Thus, numerous cooking games are available for mobile phones if you want to eat, cook, or both.

With over 12 million units sold, Nintendo’s Cooking Mama series boosted the popularity of culinary games to new heights. An enjoyable method to kill time and escape the pressures of actual cooking is playing cooking games, a specialised genre.

The top cooking games online come with dozens of entertaining short games and mechanics, from baking cakes to running eateries. Perhaps you’ll even pick up some basic culinary tricks. Most individuals now prefer playing mobile cooking games for some on-the-go cooking.

There are plenty of cooking simulation games available, and we tried them all out to see which one was particularly fun. So, here is a well-curated list of the best cooking games available on platforms like iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and others:

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizaa Great Pizza The Best Cooking Games

Pizza is something that everyone loves. Some folks have such a strong love for pizza that they’ll even play a video game about it! Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the game for you if that applies.

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza on:

Google Play Store | Appstore | Microsoft Store | Nintendo eShop |  Steam (PC)

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (The Trilogy)

Cook Serve Delicious The Best Cooking Games

In the simulation game Cook, Serve, Delicious, players are faced with managing an outdated, run-down restaurant and returning it to its former five-star glory. Players must demonstrate their cooking prowess while taking orders from impatient clients to achieve this.

The players must figure out how to fill their restaurant with patrons, but rush-hour traffic must be avoided! In Cook, Serve, Delicious, effectively compete for full excellence rather than merely racing against the clock. In addition to its ever-evolving mechanics, the game will keep you on your toes with its unexpectedly funny moments.

Download the first release on:  Appstore | Google Play Store | Steam (PC)

 Download the second release on: Steam (PC) | Playstation Store | Nintendo eShop | Xbox Store

Download the third release on: Steam (PC) | Amazon Luna | PlayStation Store | Nintendo eShop | Xbox Store

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef The Best Cooking Games

Battle Chef Brigade is a multiplayer RPG cooking game that came out in 2017 and blends tile-based puzzles with side-scrolling hack-and-slash action. In the fantastical country of Victusia, all the local animals were devoured, and the entire population nearly perished from starvation.

However, a monarch and a chef one day found a safe way to prepare and consume the monsters. Now, a band of courageous chef-warriors, the Battle Chef Brigade, risk their lives to defend everyone by slaying the monsters and preparing delectable feasts from their corpses. In this game, there is a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer.

Download Battle Chef Brigade on:

Nintendo eShop | PlayStation Store | Microsoft Store | Steam (PC)

Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator The Best Cooking Games

In the first-person food simulation game Food Simulator, you can chop, slice, and dice at workstations in a high-end kitchen. You can develop your reputation and culinary abilities in the career mode to gradually access additional ingredients and dishes.

You may also use the sandbox mode to relax and unwind while still having access to all the supplies and recipes you could ever need. The in-game recipes for Cooking Simulator should genuinely be able to be used by players to make something edible in real life should they choose to duplicate these delectable delicacies.

Download Cooking Simulator on:

Steam (PC) | Nintendo eShop | Google Play Store | Xbox Store | PlayStation Store

Dungeon Munchies

Dungeon munchies The Best Cooking Games

In Dungeon Munchies, a 2D platform game very different from other cooking games, your greatest chance of survival is to create and refine recipes to squeeze the most nutrition out of the available components. These components just so happen to be your adversaries.

So, fight some broccoli monsters and steam them for later consumption. Even though Dungeon Munchies was only completely launched and made available as early access a few months ago, it has already climbed to the top of the charts for cookery games.

Download Dungeon Munchies on:

Nintendo eShop | PlayStation Store | Google Play Store | Steam (PC)

Bakery Simulator

Bakery Simulator The Best Cooking Games

Bakery Simulator, a realism-based baking game, pushes you to establish all the skills necessary to flourish as a simulated master baker, including methodically weighing out ingredients, handling possibly deadly equipment, and dealing with a volatile physics engine.

A bakery simulator differs slightly from a standard restaurant management game. This type of cooking game makes you responsible for locating supplies, tells you how to produce a variety of breads, and, of course, teaches you how to avoid dying in a fire. You may try out a demo on the Bakery Simulator’s Steam page.

Download Bakery Simulator on: Steam (PC)

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Chef a Restaurant Tycoon The Best Cooking Games

This restaurant tycoon game features multiple ways to play with a configurable chef and focuses more on managing than cooking. To become the best burger maker in the world, you can use a recipe maker to construct your restaurant’s concept and menu.

The game’s world will change as you advance through the levels, earn skills, and expand your menu. You must strike a balance between charging a fair price for your food and offering a high level of customer care to entice repeat business. Although it requires a lot of labour, the outcomes are worthwhile.

Download Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game on:  Steam (PC)

Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze The Best Cooking Games

Cooking Craze is undoubtedly one of the best cooking games ever. Both of these titles are time management-related and vibrant. The objective is to finish meal combinations for your customers here as well. The theme of this game is food pairings.

You may make a variety of dishes and even bake pastries that are impossible to make in other cooking simulation games. As you discover new recipes, you may grow your company.

Many aspects of Cooking Craze will keep you interested. You may pass the time participating in kitchen competitions, quests, and level-ups. This serves as one of the most enjoyable games to play if you’re into cooking.

Download Cooking Craze on: 

Appstore | Google Play Store

Cooking Fever

Cooking fever The Best Cooking Games

This genre’s most well-known game is Cooking Fever. The objective is to complete time-based meal combos, just like the others. In contrast to the previous two apps, restaurant management is involved immediately. Given this, things become more complicated.

Cooking Fever seeks to quickly and aesthetically present culinary combinations. Everything, from kitchenware to restaurant decorations, is free to use. To expand your food business, you can provide free cookies and cupcakes.

Cooking Fever is more difficult to play than other games of a similar genre. However, running a restaurant while continuing to work is enjoyable. Although there are adverts and in-app purchases, the Cooking Fever app is free.

Download Cooking Fever on:

Google Play Store | Appstore | Microsoft Store

Diner Dash

DDiner Dash The Best Cooking Games

Many restaurant management tycoon games have been introduced into mobile app stores, and Diner Dash is one of them. To ensure that everyone who enters Flo’s restaurant is satisfied, it becomes increasingly difficult to seat clients, collect their orders, and quickly clear tables.

Diner Dash tests a player’s ability to transform a dining establishment from culinary zero to hero. It is ideal for individuals who have always fantasised about having their own restaurant or have planned a complete business strategy over a few drinks with pals.

Download Diner Dash on:

Microsoft Store | Appstore | Nintendo DS on Amazon | PlayStation | Appstore | Google Play Store

Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry hearts Diner The Best Cooking Games

Hungry Hearts Diner appears to be a straightforward restaurant management simulator on the surface, but it actually has a surprising lot of heart. After World War II, Grandma is left to run the cafe alone, but the people she encounters on a daily basis will teach her new recipes and disclose new details about her life.

When it comes to Hungry Hearts Diner, there isn’t a lot of food preparation, but you get the chance to learn about traditional Japanese meals every time a new recipe is unlocked.

Download the first release of Hungry Hearts Diner on: Appstore | Google Play Store

Download the second release of Hungry Hearts Diner on: Appstore | Google Play Store

Too Many Cooks

Too many cooks The Best Cooking Games

Are you a fan of Overcooked? You should then visit Too Many Cooks. You must cooperate in preparing food while the clock is running in this cooking party game, which will put your collaboration to the test. Play online or in co-op with up to five friends or by yourself.

The more you play, the more costumes you can unlock for your chef, giving you many charming personalisation possibilities. Just for the amusing sound design, this game earns bonus points.

Download Too Many Cooks on:

Appstore | Google Play Store

Lost Recipes

Lost Recipe The Best Cooking Games

Cook traditional dishes in period-appropriate kitchens in this VR cooking game. Listen to the game’s narration done by native speakers to increase its authenticity and immersion. You are a Ghost Chef in Lost Recipes, prepared for training. You will prepare food for spirits from three different faraway cultures that yearn to see and smell their former favorite foods.

You must accurately, not quickly, duplicate these delectable delicacies in their real kitchens. To advance to the next recipe, achieve a high star rating. You can anticipate learning some enticing pieces about history and culture while playing this game since it was created with both education and enjoyment in mind.

Download Lost Recipes VR cooking game on: Meta Quest

Cooking Simulator VR

Cooking Simulator VR The Best Cooking Games

Become the best cook by playing the Cooking Simulator VR cooking game! Take charge of a beautifully finished, realistic kitchen furnished with various stands and equipment. Discover and master over 80 recipes, or make anything you want with dozens of lifelike ingredients.

A simulation with a hint of real-world physics! You can experience each product’s varying knife resistances using your VR controllers’ tactile response. With each fresh plate you put on the register after learning the mechanics of cooking and serving food, you’ll realise you’re improving as a chef.

Download Cooking Simulator VR cooking game on:

Steam | Meta Quest

Clash of Chefs VR

Clash of Chefs The Best Cooking Games

Prepare to cook! As you rush to complete orders in Clash of Chefs VR, you’ll put your culinary prowess to the test. Finish 80 stages in the single-player mode, or compete against others in four different restaurants via competitive real-time and asynchronous multiplayer.

Real-time multiplayer in this virtual reality culinary game allows you to compete against other chefs. While you strive for the title of the best chef in the entire globe, prepare the requests, serve them, and smack your rivals with the remnants!

Download Clash of Chefs VR cooking game on:

Steam | Meta Quest


Cook out The Best Cooking Games

In this multiplayer VR game by Resolution Games, titled Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, up to four players are challenged to cooperate to keep the orders flowing for a hungry cast of magical creatures. The game is set inside the cook’s cabin of a fairytale woodland.

In addition to cooking meals, as they advance through the game’s more frenetic levels, players must deal with various unpleasant clients who appear hell-bent on causing trouble.

Download Cook-Out VR cooking game on:

Steam | Meta Quest

Ending Note

The best cooking games listed here are entertaining and addictive, regardless of whether you want to be a chef or own a restaurant. That comes as no surprise at all. You can find titles for social and competitive gamers and multiplayer games.

While the Bakery Simulator is the leading cooking game for baking, the Good Pizza, Great Pizza game is also equally good. Both these cooking games focus on baking and help aspiring bakers learn tricks and skills they would’ve missed otherwise.

For those who want to run their own restaurant someday, these cooking games are the perfect choice for you: Cook, Serve, Delicious! (The Trilogy), Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game, and Diner Dash.

Almost every cooking game we mentioned here is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. So, check out these best cooking games once more, see which one best fits your interest, and start playing today!

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