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Top 10 Decoration Games for Android & iOS

Top 10 Decoration Games 2023 for Android & iOS
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When you choose to decorate, it’s a chance to show others your sense of style. Show others what your dream home looks like, furniture that reflects your taste, or clothes that speak to you. It’s expensive to decorate in real life, but it’s possible to demonstrate your skills for free.

If you want a chance to show off your decoration sense without breaking the bank, give these free decoration games a try. They are available on Android and iOS and there’s nothing stopping you from giving them a try.

1. Interior Home Design Game Girl

interior home design game girl Interior Home Design Game Girl

If you’re a fan of puzzles and you love interior design, Interior Home Design Game Girl is the game for you. You have a mansion to freely design, with a match 3 puzzle minigame that gives you the items you need.

As you progress through the game, the puzzles are harder while containing more attractive decorative options. Completing more puzzles leads to better designs since you have more options when decorating.

Match your way to your dream mansion, fixing up the garden or building the bedroom that you’ve always dreamed of having. Your creativity is the only thing holding you back when you work with various decorative options.

2. Home Decoration Game

Home Decoration Game

Create the house you’ve always dreamed of with the furniture to match with Home Design Decoration Games. Warm up by learning the basics, then let your imagination run wild as you start decorating. From individual rooms to the entire house, show off your sense of style from the interior to the exterior.

There are many decorations and selections for you to choose from, with something for everyone. If you want to experiment with different styles or get bored of your current house, you can always switch things around and start with a new house.

Work your way towards new furniture objects and wall designs for your perfect house. It will be worth it when everything comes together just as you imagined.

3. Girly room decoration game

girly room decoration game 2 Girly room decoration game

Sometimes your decoration sense is best shown when you only have a single room to work with. Girly room decoration game just focuses on the bedroom, but it provides a variety of options that help display your sense of style.

You aren’t limited to just a bed, desk, or chair. Change the wallpaper, the windows, put down carpets, anything that you think your room could use. There are plenty of options to showcase your unique style, and plenty of extra touches that fill the room with your personality.

4. Fashion House Designer

Fashion House Designer game

Start decorating multiple rooms in your house with Fashion House Designer Games. From the bedroom to the living room, put down the furniture pieces that make a room come alive. Change the way the room looks by switching up wall colors or set up the perfect lighting.

Showcase your model room and share your choices with your friends. Decorate the same room in multiple ways, then save those images to demonstrate your design tastes in multiple categories.

Let your creativity run free as you experiment with different room choices. A room with nothing but plants? Or a chic design that uses only the finest chairs? See your model room come to life when your potential designs are limited only by your creativity.

5. Interior home decoration game

interior home decoration game 12 Interior home decoration game

Take control of your home’s design with Interior home decoration game. Change the seating around a room and switch up the carpets to create rooms that reflect your personal style. Add an extra flair with personal effects and colors that make others know you decorated that room.

Test your creativity in the beginning by working with a few objects, then unlock more content to get closer to your dream house.

If you are bored with the way a room looks, easily change it to suit a new image that you had in mind. Don’t be afraid to let your interior design skills flourish across multiple ideas and layouts.

6. Small People House Decoration

small people house decoration 22 Small People House Decoration

When residents of a home need your design skills, Small People House Decoration gives you the chance to help. Interact with different characters as they ask you to help clean up their houses. Add different accessories and furniture to turn a bland house into an attractive home.

Work with characters to see what they want in a house, and the options you have available. As you progress, you get more choices for furniture, wallpaper, and accessories, giving you more creative freedom.

With several configuration options at your fingertips and many characters to assist, there’s always something to decorate to show off your sense of style.

7. Decorate your walk-in closet

decorate your walk in closet 8 Decorate your walk-in closet

Showing off your fashion choice has never been easier with Decorate your walk-in closet. Pick the clothes you want others to see, and design your walk-in closet to reflect your personal tastes. You can freely decorate the floor, walls, shelf types, and even add shelves for your accessories.

Save your design and show it to your friends, or scrap everything to try something new. It might just be a walk-in closet, but the design possibilities are endless.

8. Decor Life – Home Design Game

decor life home design game Decor Life - Home Design Game

If you like renovating a house and slowly working your way towards more design choices, Decor Life – Home Design Game is for you. Breathe life into drab and boring rooms to give them a brand new look. Work your way through the lessons of interior design, unlocking new rooms and decoration options to suit your interests.

As you add more design options to your repertoire, your rooms start to come alive, filled with your personality. Create the house you’ve always dreamed of and display your perfect rooms to your friends. Change your designs if a new bolt of inspiration strikes you, freely editing your rooms as you wish.

9. Home Fantasy – Home Design

home fantasy home design Home Fantasy - Home Design<p>Create the house of your dreams with Home Fantasy – Home Design. Choose the rooms you want to decorate, then unlock new furniture options with creative match puzzles that challenge you. Set up each room to fit a certain theme or look and change it up whenever you are in the mood for something new.</p>

With several decoration options locked behind match puzzles, you can keep yourself entertained and never get tired of decorating your house. Keep yourself motivated for the perfect piece of furniture that’s only a few puzzles away.

10. Kawaii Home Design

kawaii home design Kawaii Home Design

Add the perfect cute touch to your home with Kawaii Home Design. With adorable designs that scream cuteness, it’s perfect for any budding interior designer with a preference for cute appearances. Dive into a story that involves interior design and interact with a cast of characters that bring your home to life.

Dress up your characters to fit the theme or appearance you like, and show off your home designs to your friends. There are various design options to create the perfect room, which is only limited by your creativity.

Share your designs with your friends and purchase new design options to stay on the cutting edge of home design. Unlock more options for designs and new characters to dress up as you progress through the story.

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