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Doll House Decoration Games

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What Sets Doll House Decoration Games Apart from the Rest?

Young and young-at-heart gamers often seek games that pique their interest. For aspiring designers and creatives, doll house decoration games have become an avenue to demonstrate their artistic skills. More than entertainment, these titles offer the chance to create and share visually appealing designs with like-minded artists.

Doll house games design and decoration are a type of decorating app for mobile and online gaming. The theme mainly revolves around interior design, although other elements can be added to elevate the gameplay. These titles focus on sprucing up miniature houses, which are also a reflection of real-life home design and renovations.

Girl games doll house decoration tests the player’s artistic and aesthetic sensibilities. The goal is to create a stunning layout using the available resources and materials in the inventory. In this aspect, the doll house becomes a digital canvas for players to visualize what they envision.

Doll house decoration games without flash are downloadable as an application or software. That means they are playable on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. This portability allows gamers to run their favorite titles through their gadget wherever and whenever.

At the start, the miniature house is empty or only minimally furnished. Players must fill the spaces with furniture and decor to liven up the rooms. In most titles, the wallpaper, flooring, and structures are also customizable. Users can try various color schemes and design themes to arrive at their preferred results.

Drag-and-drop is a common interface of doll house decoration games. The menu features a set of buttons to select, de-select, move, or nudge items in the room. These controls are easy enough to master, which is why most of the titles in this category are suitable for kids.

However, some games cater to older audiences, especially those that require complex tasks or objectives. The player must meet the guidelines to pass a level or win the challenge. For example, the project has a limited space to which the designer must fill with only the specified items. Some may introduce time management to add more excitement to the game.

Best Doll House Decoration Games

Several titles coincide with girl games and doll house decoration themes. That said, choosing those that are worth the try can be overwhelming, especially since new games are introduced regularly. Here’s a quick rundown of the current sought-after titles in this sub-genre.

The Sims 4

Untitled 1 0001 Sims Doll House Decoration Games

Taking inspiration from real life, The Sims 4 is a simulation game that brings doll house decoration to virtual reality. The player builds a neighborhood and controls the characters to create storylines and relationships. The design element lies in the decoration of the sim’s dwellings using a great array of materials, tools, and decor items.

An in-demand app, the Sims franchise is popular for providing a unique experience for every player. There are many opportunities to interact with other users, as well as immerse themselves in the roles played by their characters. Interior design is a huge part of the game since it can affect the sim’s comfort and quality of life.

It’s easy to get lost in the gameplay for hours on end because one action can lead to another. It creates a string of activities that enable players to progress and gain in-game experience. There are design tasks to accomplish, which the character can perform simultaneously with other actions.

In the Sims world, players can put up not only homes but also cafes, museums, and other types of buildings. These facilities enhance the value of the miniature home, giving the doll-like characters a sense of ownership like in real life.

Where to download

Microsoft Store | Google Play Store | Appstore | Steam | Amazon Appstore for Android | Xbox Store

Doll House Games: Design and Decoration

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The Doll House Games: Design and Decoration is a suitable app for girls who yearn to live in their dream homes. This game features a modern, multi-story dollhouse that needs furnishings and accessories. Players are tasked with decorating the room based on their preferences. They can transform the space into whatever they want to make, so long as the items are available.

A practice in interior design, this game includes a doll family set to live in the newly decorated house. It adds a motivational factor since the player must create the most stunning layout they can manage. Coming up with the best decoration ensures that the doll characters can experience ‘living’ in a fancy, well-equipped house.

While the activities in this game are repetitive, it doesn’t lose its addictive quality. The controls and interface are easy to navigate, requiring only tapping and swiping motions. Players can modify the details of their design and take screenshots of the finished product without hassle.

Where to download

Browser game: Doll House Games Design and Decoration | Play on PacoGames

Decorate and Design Your Home

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Spacious rooms are waiting to be filled with furniture and fixtures in BWEB SARL’s Decorate and Design Your Home. It’s one of the doll house decoration games that feature vibrant graphics and art that fit perfectly with the theme. The in-game items go together with the miniature space, which is close to what a dollhouse would look like in real life.

In this game, players can tweak color schemes to create a wide range of aesthetic designs. The rooms can be tweaked in different ways such as going for complementary colors or going all-out with the quirkiness. The final look can reflect the designer’s creativity, personality, and style.

The simplicity of this fun game is one of its biggest strengths, but there are more good qualities to mention. For instance, there is no time constraint or resource management task. Players are free to do as they wish, adding or removing elements to arrive at the best possible design. Also, it offers a bird’s eye view of the interior, making the decoration job so much easier.

Overall, this child-friendly game deserves its popularity because of its no-fuss gameplay. Users of all ages can have a relaxing time matching designs for each room. There is no timer running nor resources to allocate stringently. It offers the ultimate freedom, paving the way for a stress-free design!

Where to download

Google Play Store | Appstore

Home Street – Dream House Sim

Untitled 1 0003 4 Doll House Decoration Games

Home Street – Dream House Sim introduces a variety of characters living and interacting within a lively town. Design is a crucial element of this game, particularly in building houses for the neighborhood. Players can start from scratch by purchasing simple home items to decorate the doll house. Over time, they can renovate the rooms and swap existing furniture for better, more high-quality replacements.

The familiar gameplay is a surefire hit for gamers who want to live the ‘other life’ virtually. They can design their dream house and make the blueprint an inspiration for their actual home in the future. It also allows the user to hone their interior designing skills in preparation for the real deal.

What sets this title apart from its peers is the modifiable 2D blueprint that makes it easier to manipulate spaces. It enables the designer to add or remove plots to accommodate new rooms. Additionally, this map allows players to enhance the house structure by placing or removing doors, windows, walls, and more.

Where to download

Google Play Store | Appstore

My Doll House: Pocket Dream

Untitled 1 0000 81tTSbDmT7L Doll House Decoration Games

The drag-and-drop mechanics of My Doll House: Pocket Dream is an ode to the way physical dollhouses are played. Players can put dolls, furniture, toys, and other fixtures by simply placing them in the space. When it gets too crowded, the user can take out the item and store it in the inventory for safekeeping.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this game is its crisp graphics and icons. Every element has a rich color and texture, adding a defined quality to the look and feel of this game.

Where to download

Google Play Store  | Appstore


There are many valid reasons as to what sets doll house decoration games apart from the rest. However, one thing stands true for this genre: it’s fun for everybody! Digital dollhouses are a playable game for aspiring creative designers and DIYers who want to keep up with the trends. Decorating a miniature home will always appeal to gamers, no matter how many years pass by!

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