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Top 10 Best Free Cooking Games for Android & iOS

Top 10 Best Free Cooking Games 2023 for Android and iOS
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Cooking can be a relaxing, satisfying and even therapeutic activity for many people. This is why cooking games appeal to a large audience. With these games, you can have endless fun with virtual food preparation and you don’t even have to worry too much when you end up with burnt food! You can even play them even if you don’t have many actual culinary skills. There are dozens of cooking games that you can play, and we have rounded up the 10 that we believe to be the best.

1. Cook Baked Lasagna

Cooking Games Baking LasagnaEver wanted to make the perfect baked lasagna but haven’t mustered the courage to try it? This new cooking game from BWEB SARL is exactly what you need! Learn the art of lasagna cooking, and have loads of fun with it as well!

From boiling the pasta and preparing the ingredients, all the way to choosing the perfect plate and fork to go with your sumptuous meal, the gameplay of this iOS cooking game is simple enough for a 4 or 5-year-old to easily comprehend but it is just as entertaining for grownups. They are constantly adding new recipes to try so it never gets dull!

2. World Chef Cooking Recipe Game

Cooking Game World Best RecipeGo on a culinary journey and experience some of the best cuisines around the world with the World Best Cooking Recipes. Try your hand at cooking traditional meals from every continent and amaze everyone with your culinary talent!

Each time you play, you get to pick the country and the recipe you wish to create. Take a shopping cart and load it up with the ingredients you need, then go to the kitchen and start creating fabulous meals you might have never even heard of before. Give these international dishes a dash of your own style and see how you fare as a chef!

3. Cakes Maker : Cooking Desserts

cakes maker cooking desserts 2 Cakes Maker : Cooking Desserts Who doesn’t love cakes and desserts? Don’t pass up on the chance to create your own pastry masterpieces with Cakes Maker: Cooking Desserts. Make rainbow cakes so colorful and full of decorations that they are almost too pretty to eat!

In this game, you have a myriad of food coloring to choose from. You can make a blue cake, a pink cake, a green cake, or even a rainbow cake – pick any color you want and add as many sweets to decorate your creation! From mixing the ingredients to setting the cake up for a big party, this game lets you do all of it. The only thing missing is the cleaning up afterward, and we certainly don’t miss that!

4. Cooking colorful cupcakes game

cooking colorful cupcakes game Cooking colorful cupcakes game Have loads of fun running your own cupcake factory with this Cooking Colorful Cupcakes Game. The neat little production line with cool cupcake making machines lets you create any kind of delicious cupcake you can imagine.

Start by making the cake itself using any color you want, then comes the exciting part of decorating it. Scroll through a variety of icing styles and colors, and also pick from yummy toppings to finish off your creation. If you make a mistake, just press the reset button and start over! Don’t want your hard work to go to waste? You can also take pictures of your products before you eat them up.

5. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

cooking mama lets cook 5 Cooking Mama: Let's cook!This unique cooking game lets you experience a full culinary adventure that goes beyond the realms of the kitchen. In the game, you run the Happy Restaurant, where customers visit to taste your delicious food. To serve your diners, you need to get ingredients from the village. Meat and dairy come from the ranch, and fruits come from the orchard. You can also go fishing and grow crops in the fields. Earn points with every sumptuous dish you serve!

There are also plenty of mini games that you can play, some of which are not cooking-related. To keep you on your toes, there is also a weekly competition through events, as well as global rankings.

6. Bake Cupcakes

bake cupcakes 10 Bake CupcakesIf you think baking cupcakes is hard, then you need to try the Bake Cupcakes game to see how easy it can be! Discover the fun in whipping up different kinds of cupcakes from scratch and see how the ingredients transform into delectable desserts in front of your eyes.

Start by buying the ingredients you need from the store with the help of a bunny friend. Then head to the kitchen where you can combine the ingredients by following the hand arrows. When the cakes are done, you can then decorate them with your own choice of yummy frosting and mouth-watering toppings!

7. Baking black forest cake games

baking black forest cake games Baking black forest cake games Black Forest is one of the favorite flavors of cake lovers around the world. Become a master of creating your own black forest cake with this app from Les Placements R.A. Inc.

Begin by going to the supermarket to gather the necessary ingredients. In the kitchen, combine the ingredients in a bowl. Pour each ingredient in by tilting your phone. Be careful to avoid spilling or adding too much! Press on the bowl to whisk them all together, then stick it into the oven. When it’s done, you can then add the cream frosting and cherries, then choose the final toppings and trimmings for your very own black forest cake!

8. Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

cooking fever restaurant game 11 Cooking Fever: Restaurant GameThis very popular game by Nordcurrent Games has gotten more than 100 million downloads already, and it is not surprising why. Featuring cuisines from around the world, this restaurant game not only features a lot of international dishes, but also lets you cook them all yourself!

As the owner of a busy restaurant, you need to serve your customers whatever they order. You need to cook fast while making sure to follow the recipe in order to keep your customers happy so that you can get a big tip! You start with burgers and drinks but the menu gets bigger as you level up. The frenzied pace as the levels advance can distract you from cooking so you better stay focused!

9. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

good pizza great pizza 11 Good Pizza, Great PizzaTapBlaze has come up with a wonderful cooking game that takes care of your pizza cravings in a different way. When playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza, it would be just like running your own pizza parlor, while also doing all the cooking yourself. Prepare to be entertained and challenged at the same time!

Customers come in continuously, ordering different kinds of pizza with different toppings. Make sure to get their orders right and complete them fast. With each customer you satisfactorily serve, you earn money that you can use to grow your restaurant. Buy new pizza ingredients, kitchen gear, and restaurant décor. Do what you need to do to stay ahead of your competition, Alicante.

10. Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cooking

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cooking Who doesn’t love ice cream cones? If you do, then this is the perfect app to keep you entertained as you create one mouth-watering dessert after another! Choose from four different modes – cooking, factory, decorating or shop. No matter what mode you are in, you can always go back if you have forgotten something. There are dozens of combinations to choose from. You can also select from plenty of exciting recipes like ice cream tie-dye cupcakes, waffle and cookie cone cupcakes, unicorn cupcakes, and so much more!

The developers have recently added a Factory Mode to the game, allowing you to churn out ice cream cones much faster, just like a real ice cream factory.


Cooking games are about more than just cooking; they’re about having fun, learning new skills, and making a mess (but don’t tell your mom that last part!). So why fire up your phone or computer and get cooking? And who knows, you’ll be the next superstar chef to take the world by storm!

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