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Cooking Games with Sara

There are many cooking simulation apps today, and Cooking Games with Sara is an excellent blend of fun and learning. It’s a great introductory experience to culinary arts that can inspire young people to develop their skills. Here’s a guide that provides every detail about Sara’s Cooking and where to find and play these highly recommended games.

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What are Sara’s cooking games about?

Sara cooking games take would-be chefs into the colorful world inside the kitchen. More than a coaching session, these captivating games are an opportunity to discover new recipes and create delicious meals. The player goes through a comprehensive process of cooking, starting from the very basic to the more complex concepts.

Indeed, Sara’s cooking games took the world by storm and are a sought-after hit in various app stores. It’s a cacophony of cooking simulation games that feature different recipes for every player to try. There are versions with various subgenres including puzzle formats that will boggle and keep the mind in tiptop shape.

These games are published by Spil Games, a producer of casual games for mobile and the Facebook platform. Established in 2004, the company is headquartered in the Netherlands and is well known for its engaging and educational apps.

Cooking with Sara game collections were originally built for browser play. The titles are available to view on their website, Each preview features Sara as the main character and a specific recipe that players can start cooking. However, the games developed for in-browser gaming have now been discontinued.

Nevertheless, culinary enthusiasts can still enjoy top-notch Cooking Games with Sara via the mobile app versions. Today, there are several Cooking with Sara titles produced for smartphones and tablets. Players can get cooking wherever they are and during any of their free time. This hassle-free experience makes the game much more appealing to play!

Where can I play Sara’s cooking game?

Sara cooking games are discontinued for web browsers because they operate using Adobe Flash Player. As mentioned, Flash games are now defunct because no browser supports them anymore. That means you cannot play these games on any web browser like Chrome or Edge.

Still, these games continue to exist for mobile devices. You can use your smartphone or tablet to access Sara’s cooking games without the need for external apps like Flash. While they cannot be updated or optimized, you can still relive the nostalgia of playing these classics. The mobile versions capture the old gameplay and design that you can always go back to for some culinary fun.

You can try the casual mobile game by downloading it from the Play Store. There are several titles to explore, which you can add to your cooking games collection. Thus, the hype for various Sara titles is still alive and kicking!

Cooking Games with Sara for mobile

As of this writing, there are three available versions of Sara cooking applications for mobile devices. All these games are playable on Android-powered gadgets. Each game has different requirements and compatibility that every user should know before downloading. Here are the three Sara cooking simulation apps today.

Sara’s Cooking Party

Saras Cooking Games 01bo Cooking Games with Sara

Published in 2018, Sara’s Cooking Party is a video game with the titular character as the instructor. Sara is the ‘cooking sensei’ who will show players how each recipe should be made. The game introduces various dishes that are perfect for any occasion such as dinner parties and get-togethers. Aspiring cooks can learn a thing or two as they strive to complete each objective in the game.

The game promises a realistic culinary experience, which can help hone the player’s confidence in the kitchen. Not only do they get to cook sumptuous meals but also decorate tables for the dinner party ahead. Guests who sample the food can leave their feedback, allowing the player to improve their expertise.

There are over 40 recipes in this version of cooking games with Sara, as well as nine international cuisines. Players complete several quests to achieve rewards and recognition in the foodie community. They can also share their creations in the food blog, which the worldwide audience can access.

Where to download

Google Play Store

Cook & Match: Sara’s Adventure

Saras Cooking Games 05b Cooking Games with Sara

Sara is back with another challenge for future chefs in Cook & Match: Sara’s Adventure. This game was released on the App Store in February 2023 and offered by Azerion Casual. It is playable on devices with an Android 5.1 version or higher. It has a cooking theme but with a twist: the gameplay involves a tile-matching puzzle format.

The story revolves around Sara’s decision to help her friend, Veronica, in hosting a dinner party. The animated story progresses once the player matches the tiles perfectly. With every solved puzzle, the gamer can collect ‘passion’ when they match the right tiles within the required number of moves. Additionally, players can collect daily rewards to help with their progress!

Where to download

Google Play Store

Sara’s Cooking Class Lite

Saras Cooking Games 06bo Cooking Games with Sara

The most popular edition of Cooking Games with Sara has a free-to-play, small-sized download. Sara’s Cooking Class Lite is an app that enables players to try this fun game offline. It follows the same style as the original games, with Sara handing out instructions and hints for the recipes. It provides step-by-step information on the dishes, requiring players to perform various kitchen actions.

The game boasts a child-friendly interface with several languages available such as English, French, and Portuguese. Little chefs-to-be can learn techniques like chopping, boiling, mixing, and baking, inspiring them to develop their skills. The goal is to get a three-star rating on each recipe, with rewards awaiting successful cooks in-game.

Sara Cooking Class Lite is a preview of the full game, which has 17 popular recipes and almost 200 ingredients. It’s a great way to sample the app to see if it matches the player’s preferences. This game runs on Android 2.3.3 and higher, with a speedy downloading time of less than five minutes.

Where to download

Amazon Appstore

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