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Top 6 Soccer Games for Kids 2023

Top 6 Soccer Games for Kids 2023

After the World Cup, Soccer gained even more popularity among kids. Mbappe, Messi, and Ronaldo are very familiar names. These legends of the game are talked of more when the discussions get heated; kids cannot agree on who was the best in the tournament. And most of the time, playing soccer games, featuring their star players in their teams, and defeating their friend’s teams is always the best way to settle the discussion of who is the best.

Kids get active, become happy and learn teamwork through playing soccer. Most soccer coaches incorporate games as part of the training to develop their skills eg dribbling and to increase their concentration span as it is always short.

In this article, the top 6 soccer games for kids have been compiled to assist in developing their skills eg heading, defending, passing, and shooting, and on top of that provide them with hours of fun as they get to play and control their soccer stars in anticipation to beat their friends in the stats. So, get ready, and let us dive into the world of the best soccer games for kids.

The Best Soccer Games for Kids - Table of contents

1. FIFA Soccer

As the season resumes from the international break, kids can create an ultimate team of their favorite soccer players in EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile. The players, uniforms, teams, and leagues in this kid’s game have been modified to correspond with the actual 22/23 soccer season! Featuring more than 15,000 real soccer players, including superstars like Kylian Mbappé, Vinicius Jr., and Son Heung-min, as well as 600+ teams, like Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Juventus. The only licensed FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile game where players can relive the tournament brackets with any of the 32 qualified nations is this kid’s favorite, FIFA Mobile. By collecting player Items and testing their favorite soccer players, users of FIFA Mobile may also create their ideal squad. FIFA Soccer Features
  1. Kids can build their dream team from the best teams & greatest leagues using their favorite players.
  2. The FIFA World Cup 2022 mode is available to them.
  3. Kids can choose soccer figures and idols.
  4. Kids can take use of an immersive next-level soccer simulation.
  5. The kids can take charge of their teams in manager mode.
Available for Android and iOS.

2. Dream League Soccer 2023

Due to its brand-new features and updated visuals, Dream League Soccer 2023 is an extremely popular game in the local neighborhoods. Kids may assemble their ideal soccer squad from more than 4,000 FIFPRO-licensed players and take on the top soccer clubs in the world. It is extremely possible to advance through eight divisions while taking use of fully 3D motion-captured player movements, immersive in-game commentary, team modifications, and much more.

In this kid’s game, players may assemble their very own Dream Teams by signing great superstars like Kevin De Bruyne and Achraf Hakimi. As they advance through the ranks, they can refine their strategies, develop their players, and defeat any opposition. Once they advance to the Legendary Division, they can upgrade their stadiums with top-notch amenities.

Dream League Soccer 2023 Features

  1. From more than 4,000 FIFPR-licensed players from major leagues, kids can create their ideal squads.
  2. Unmatched authenticity is provided by the Full 3D motion that records kicks, tackles, celebrations, and goalkeeper saves.
  3. As they progress through eight divisions and take part in more than ten cup events, they have the potential to become legendary.
  4. Kids can hire scouts and agents to help them find the best players on the transfer market.
  5. They are always in the thick of the action thanks to engaging and immersive match commentary.
  6. They can use coaches to improve the technical and physical skills of their athletes.
  7. Play against athletes from around the world using Dream League Live.
  8. BEKA, The Luka State, Vukovi, and other artists are featured on the games’ exclusive soundtrack.


Available for Android.

3. Mini Football – Mobile Soccer

Kids can play Mini Football casually while still staying true to the original game. It’s time for them to make the stadium crowds roar, score some incredible goals, and assemble the most formidable soccer squad ever.

Mini Football – Mobile Soccer Features

  1. Pick Up and Play: Instead of wasting time on pointless mechanics, the kids can just choose their sides and get right to playing.
  2. Build, Upgrade, and Customize Your Team – In addition to building their teams, players will be able to completely customize them to their preferences using more than 100 choices.
  3. As players advance in their football careers, five distinctive and original stadiums will get larger, louder, and more impressive.
  4. Rule the World – Kids can advance up the leaderboards to earn fantastic prizes and to consistently outperform the opposition.


Available for Android and iOS.

4. Soccer Cup 2023: Football Game

This kids’ favorite enables them to immerse themselves in this beautiful game designed with unparalleled realism. In Football Cup 2023, their live football skills are an invaluable asset, as players’ layers of skills, plays, and rhythm are incorporated into the game with great detail and attention. Kids are allowed to choose one of their favorites like Argentina, Spain, or Brazil, or help one of the unknowns to reach the top of the World Cup.

Football Cup 2023 – Soka Features

  1. Competitions – Kids compete to be the first, to win in the world of football and go down in the history of the game.
  2. Practice – Improve their skills by practicing through the practice feature.
  3. New CARRER mode – They can complete many difficult levels including “Floor is lava”, “Wall of death” and others. It’s a way to improve their skills while having fun and practicing for real football.
  4. The Natural Gameplay Motions, Accurate Passing, and Detailed Techniques bring the true feel of this great game to their phones.
  5. This soccer game for kids is offline, they can enjoy this great game anytime and anywhere


Available for Android and iOS.

5. Soccer Star 22 Top Leagues

The young players must gain the support of their supporters to develop into great and popular players. However, they must exercise caution because if they lose the ball, their supporters will criticize them and they will score fewer points. They should employ strategies like scoring chances or special defense to prevent this.

Kids can strengthen their bonds with their teammates by playing this lovely game with them to get more passes and scoring opportunities. In addition, they should work to maintain positive relationships with their sponsors to benefit from excellent offers or even game-specific bonuses.

Just as it is the daily lives of the soccer stars, so for the kids to be one too, they must improve their lifestyle off the pitch. By purchasing cars, homes, or other assets from the VIP store, they can obtain the lifestyle. They will gain credibility and points for doing this.


Available for Android and iOS.

6. Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer

Soccer is all about kicking the ball and scoring goals in the eyes of youngsters. They can take part in soccer in a way that they have never done before by playing this game. The gameplay of Head Ball 2 is straightforward but easily adapts to create games that are entertaining and action-packed. The kids can juggle their opponents to outsmart them, hit the ball, hit their opponents, use headers, and have superpowers. As long as you win, anything is acceptable. The kids can challenge their friends on Facebook to see who is a better soccer player thanks to this wonderful feature.

Head Ball 2 – Football Game Features

  1. Online soccer matches between kids and other real opponents all over the world are popular.
  2. There are 15 brackets and 5 competitive leagues to play through.
  3. Online gaming is interesting and vibrant, and the graphics are quick.
  4. Kids may give their characters upgrades, unique accessories, and special abilities.
  5. To gather objects and characters, there are card packs available.
  6. Kids can use their social media connections to play games and collaborate with pals.
  7. Daily Missions are available to earn more rewards and pleasure.


Available for Android and iOS.

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