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Top 10 Best Dress Up Games for Girls

Online mobile games for girls who are into fashion, cosplay, and the latest style trend, are some of the most popular digital fun pastimes out there!

These games are for girls of all ages and are super helpful in bringing girls close to their fashion passion dreams. Moreover, by playing such games, girls can curate their fashion senses and enjoy tinkering with various style aesthetics in real life.

And out of all the mobile games available online, dress up games are some of the most popular genres, given the diversity of features available for players. So here are the top 10 best dress up games for girls available for iOS phones.

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1. Dress Up Games, The Princess

dress up games the princess Dress Up Games, The Princess

Dress Up Games, The Princess is for girls aged four and above. Players can dress up the royal princess in stunning attires to match her beautiful White Horse companion.

The game offers different looks, styles, and accessories in vibrant shades to match the pretty princess’ daily looks!

Their various dresses to choose from, be it long, flowing gowns, 2-piece top and skirt combos, and many other looks to suit her mood of the day. The girls playing, can also choose from her collection of stylish footwear to go with the dress, completing an imperial look for the young dame.

Along with her dress and shoes, users can also pick out sparkling tiaras, necklaces, and bows to fit her highnesses’ aesthetic. Not just that, girls also get to color the princess’ hair, wash it, and style it to their liking.

The princess’s horse is also customizable, where everyone have multiple options for manes, hooves, body colors, and accessories! There are also several features for princess facials, brushing the White Horse’s teeth, and more!

Girls have to click and choose the dresses, looks, and accessories, and can also shuffle the option icons by clicking them multiple times. Once the horse and the princess have matching flairs, the “Show” button seals the deal!

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2. Cosplay Girls, Dress Up Game

cosplay girls dress up game Cosplay Girls, Dress Up Game

Cosplay is a lot of fun but can be an expensive task. So what if there is a mobile game that lets players cosplay without putting in any effort? That’s right!

With Dress Up Games and Cosplay Girls, the game’s participants can cosplay all their favorite characters from various anime, series, movies, cartoons, and more!

This fashion mobile game for iOS offers a plethora of options for all types of looks. These include:

  • Hairstyles
  • Eye styles
  • Eyebrows
  • Mouth and expressions
  • Tops
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Accessories, and more!

All these are customizable in various colors and styles. Girls can mix and match according to their preferences and create perfect cosplay looks to woo their friends!

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3. Dress Up Games, Angel Avatar

dress up games angel avatar 2 Dress Up Games, Angel Avatar

Angel Avatar is for girls who dream to be as pretty as an angel. With this game, everyone can dress up their angel avatar in divine attires, all complete with different accessories.

But the game does not stop at dresses and blingy accessories. While customizing, the game’s members can choose how their angels look and dress them up accordingly.

Meaning each angel can have different cute eyes, hairstyles, facial expression, facial expressions, and more!

The game allows for a click-and-change method, where users tap the screen to look through various customization options and finalize their favorites. It is an enjoyable game for young girls and also for young adult women.

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4. Anime dress up avatar game

anime dress up avatar game Anime dress up avatar game

Anime Dress Up Avatar Game is for girls who love experimenting with new unique looks every day! Here, players can dress their avatars up in fun and cute attires, making them look like themselves.

Here, the user can customize unique facial appearances with different mouth shapes, expressions, eyes, noses, and eyebrows. And if not themselves, girls can also create their favorite anime avatars with glamorous get-ups to show off!

The game offers a large variety of beautiful dresses, accessories, footwear, as well as quirky new hairstyle wigs. Gamers can also add some pretty bling like wings, colorful long socks to match the shoes, etc.

It is an expressive game where every accessory, color, and attire matches the users’ vision.

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5. Covet Fashion: Outfit Stylist

covet fashion outfit stylist 6 Covet Fashion: Outfit Stylist

Covet Fashion is for those girls who aspire to be stylists for celebs, supermodels, and the ultra-glamorous. And in this game, styling comes with a cause.

Players get to traverse various hot trends, fashion news, and up-and-coming brands to scoop out the best dazzling looks for all their models. Covet Fashion comes with over 150 top-notch brands, many of which are real-life fashion brands like:

  • Badgley Mishka
  • Camilla, and
  • Ashley Lauren


Once users complete their model looks, they can enter fashion face-offs for fantastic rewards! The more enchanting the outfits and looks, the better the outcome. The game’s members can participate in weekly fashion shows, create styles and outfits depending on the themes, and even vote for other fashionistas looks!

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6. Girls Anime Avatar Creator

girls anime avatar creator Girls Anime Avatar Creator

This iOS dress up game is for girls who love and are inspired by cosplay events! Here, gamers can accessorize their avatars to look pretty, glamorous, charismatic, and overall stylish to the tee.

Gamers can accessorize their avatars with a series of dazzling accessories, hairstyles, and tattoos to match the user’s fashion passion.

All avatars have options to change colors for hair, tattoos, and eyes, and even dawn various facial expressions. Here, gamers can choose various lip expressions, eye shapes and sizes, noses, ears, and more!

All dresses and accessories perfectly harmonize with the faces and look that the girls opt for. All in all, Girls Anime Avatar Creator is for everyone who loves to style their avatars with the coolest looks out there.

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7. Super Stylist: Glam Dress Up

super stylist glam dress up Super Stylist: Glam Dress Up

Being a star stylist is no easy job, and Super Stylist proves it with charm, beauty, and professional finesse. Here, players can roleplay as high-profile fashion stylists and dress up their clients in hot and happening trendy looks!

The game starts with the users opening up their styling business to attract the best fashion clients in the industry. The job is to curate the most unique and fabulous looks for clients on all their special days, brunches, dates, movie events, and more!

Participants can create in-game fame by being the best stylist with the most captivating client looks to fill their portfolio. From game-changing makeovers to glittering wardrobe collections, everyone can have it all with Glam Dress Up.

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8. Dress Up PJ Party

dress up pj party Dress Up PJ Party

Every young girl wants to be part of the best pajama parties with their best friends. And this 3D PJ party is for them!

Here, everyone can be part of the trendiest 3D PJ parties in the most adorable PJs and play silly, fun games all night long.

No PJ is complete without cute games like manicures, spas, and pillow fights! Members can also decorate the PJ party room with bright wallpapers, glittering balloons, fluffy pillows, and more.

And that is not all, as all girls can give their avatars jazzy makeovers with lipsticks and eyeshadows and take in-game photos to show off.

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9. Dress Up Game Sleeping Beauty

dress up game sleeping beauty 2 Dress Up Game Sleeping Beauty

Every girl wants to be woken up by their prince charming’s kiss while looking elegant and gorgeous. And this game makes this dream come true.

There are various looks to choose from, and players can glamorize the princess in the most dainty styles, fit for a royal, romantic surprise.

Girls playing this game can choose from looks and accessories like:

  • Dresses and gowns
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Hairstyles and colors
  • Hair accessories
  • Flowers
  • Hand accessories and more


Each of these options is available inside circles placed on the screen. Everyone can click and choose their favorite styles to mix and match for the princess’s ultimate dazzling style.

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10. Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up

fashion show makeup dress up 6 Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up

Good style and great makeup go hand in hand. So for all the trendy fashionistas out there, Fashion Show is the game to be in.

This game offers a tonne of glamorous and stunning looks, fitting for supermodels and their chic looks. But there is a catch!

Anyone playing the game will receive elegant Indian-themed dresses to put on their in-game models and get them runway ready for the competition.

While playing, girls get to give their models a complete makeover to make them look ravishing and confident for shows! And all the dresses come with vibrant, glittery, and exquisite finish, making them The look for all in-game models.

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In conclusion, these are the most popular dress up games for girls available on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. Full of glam, cute accessories, and the best looks, they are sure to make girls feel fabulous!

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