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Girly room decoration game



Every girl likes to decorate their room based on their preference and style. They can even mix and match the decoration to create a room that will match perfectly with their personality. When you like home or room designing, the Girly Room Decoration Game will be perfect for you. In this game, you can decorate different rooms, right from the color of the walls to the furniture.

Pick a room and decorate 

Players will encounter different rooms displayed on the screen. They will find an empty space. Check the bottom section of the screen, you will find multiple icons/options for beds, table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall decoration, flooring, etc, are displayed.

For instance, when you click on the bed icon. You can choose a bed, toys, and even pillows that match well with the room. This is also the same for the other furniture, where you can choose and place them.

Resize, move, and rotate the furniture

The unique thing about this Girly Room Decoration Game is that you can resize all the furniture, including the ceiling lights, to fit well with the room. Place furniture or pillows and toys, resize them, rotate them, and move them to a correct place. Players can also resize, and move the wall decorations, tables and chairs easily.

Checking out the features

You will also come across some great features of this game. These are:

  • Find and place a bed that you like
  • Add a seating option for your friends to sit in
  • Choose a unique and eye-catching desk and a mirror to do your makeup and hair
  • Improve the room’s appearance by adding a wardrobe or a rug that matches with the wall hanging or the bed.
  • Add another window in the room to let in more sunlight

Home designing is a fun and creative way to create your dream room. By playing this game, players will not just enjoy decorating the room but feel relaxed as well.

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