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Horse Pet Salon



These lovely horses are excited to spend the day at the pet salon! Groom and beautify the majestic creature by following every step of the hair and skin care process. Players need to hone their skills in performing each task with care and attention. From head to hooves, the horse will come out of the salon looking its absolute best!

Basic Care
Choose a horse to makeover and start by giving them a full body wash. Lather shampoo onto the mane and brush their coat to get rid of debris. To keep them healthy, the stable also needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Players can also apply a special serum that boosts the shine of the horse’s long and gorgeous locks.

Horse Dress Up
Pretty clothes elevate the overall look of the pet horse, and the game offers the most stylish selection! There are dresses of every color and jewelry to match the outfit. Cute accessories for hooves are also made available. Plus, there are a lot more high-quality items to unlock, adding more attractive items to the collection.

Skincare Treatment
The salon not only offers hair styling but also skincare, too! The pet horse can get skin problems treated with a facial spa. From washing to applying a mask to putting acne medicine, there’s no spot or blemish that can’t be fixed.


  • Choose a horse to groom and makeover and bring it to the pet salon.
  • Wash, dry, and style the horse’s mane and tail and give the coat a good brushing.
  • Choose the most suitable outfit, headdress, and jewelry that enhances its look.
  • Give the horse a rejuvenating skincare treatment to make its face glow!
  • Give the horse’s stable a quick spruce up to keep it clean and healthy.

Get first-hand experience in grooming a pet horse when you play this game. Download the Horse Pet Salon right now and give pet care a try!

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