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Fashion House Designer



Anyone that enjoys interior design and decorating will love to play the Fashion House Designer game.

Here, gamers can create a house from scratch. Toggle through the furnishings and accessories to build your ideal rooms. There are various types of furnishings to choose from including beds, tables, sofas, and more. This enables users to bring their vision to life as there will be options to satisfy all interior ideas.

It is easy for players to build an entire house from a blank canvas to impress or align with client ideas.

Ensure to pull out all stops to bring each room to life. Working through each room, one at a time, you will guarantee to practice your interior design skills and create something to be proud of.

Key features of the Fashion House Designer game include:

  • Selecting the room you wish to decorate first
  • Toggle through furnishing options to add them to the rooms
  • Impressing clients with rooms you have designed from a blank canvas
  • Changing the wall colors and patterns to transform the appearance
  • Install lighting to the room for a finishing touch

Install the Fashion House Designer game today to start practicing and enjoying your interior design skills. You can work your way through an entire house and bring a client’s ideas to life to impress them and make them happy customer.

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