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My Coloring Pages Book Game



Isn’t it enjoyable and relaxing to color the black and white pages and add life to the scenery? This game brings the old but gold coloring book to the digital sphere. Players can select the image that suits their mood and start shading right away. There’s a great range of brushes, colors, and pages to explore, allowing artists to get into their zone.

Choose a Page
This book is pretty special—players have four categories to choose from, each with several pages inside. Princess, Food, Cars, and Animals are available to color in this app. All sections of the image are ready to paint, enabling artists to assign a rainbow of colors to a single page. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

Artist Tools
This digital coloring book has plenty of customization options to create a unique masterpiece. Players can choose a single color or paint with precision using different brushes. There’s also an eraser to remove errors and replace colors. On the left panel, 20 preset colors are available to select, with a rainbow picker at the bottom.

Browse Creations
Players can go back to the previously colored pages using the History arrow button. Click the left or right button to scan all the completed pages so far. It creates a portfolio of past works that allows the artist to display their skills in coloring!


  • Choose among the four categories and start coloring.
  • Select the brush to adjust the thickness of the strokes to color within the lines.
  • Use the eraser tool to correct errors in the artwork.
  • Easy access to preset colors or choose a specific color using the rainbow picker.
  • Navigate through finished pages using the quick History button.

If you want a relaxing time coloring simple and cutesy images, the My Coloring Pages Book Game is for you. This downloadable app can be proof of your artistic talents!

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