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Cooking Chef Recipes



Want to delve into the realm of the best cooking game? Chop-chop with some of the most popular items, like ice cream sandwiches, unicorn cakes, ice cream sundaes, and banana splits. At Cooking Games Chef, cooking becomes a fun, entertaining, and amazing activity.

It will also make you feel like a professional pastry chef who can create all types of unique and tasty desserts. So, are you all set to try your hand in cooking?

Choose the Dessert

This game has several types of desserts that need to be made. But players have to unlock all the desserts. So, to do so, they need to finish making one item first to unlock the next one. That way they can proceed further in making all the delicious items.

Buy the Ingredients

One cannot cook something when they do not have the ingredients for it. When players select the first item, they will find themselves at a grocery store where they have to purchase the ingredients. The coolest part is that you will find the ingredients at the bottom tab on the screen.

Choose the ingredients and drag-and-drop them to the cart. After that players will find themselves at the check out section and then leave with all the products once they pay up.

It’s Cooking Time!

After purchasing all the ingredients, Players will be in the kitchen, getting ready to make the dessert. Mix all the ingredients one-by-one without much hassle. There some cool features as well:

  • Chop down the ingredients
  • Use the electronic appliances to add and mix all the ingredients
  • Decorate the food items will different icings, creams and other things

Everyone wants to cook like a professional chef. Do you want to do the same as well? Then what are you waiting for? Download Cooking Games Chef and start cooking the most delicious meals while competing against the ticking clock!

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