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Girl Games, Unicorn and Horse



Welcome to the stables, where a blessing of unicorns and horses are being cared for and loved as they deserve. Lend a helping hand at the barn and become Karen, a trusted caretaker for these magical beings. With three modes to choose from, players can select what fits their current mood. It’s the ultimate app for those who want to face this pet care challenge!

Pet Care Routine
The unicorns and horses at the stable require food, water, and care to keep them healthy. The player is tasked to provide what they need according to the image that pops up. They need to fulfill the request before the bar decreases to earn points. Keep them happy by giving them their basic needs at the right time. Keep the hearts full to ensure that they are well-fed and hydrated.

Test Their Stamina
Horses and unicorns are born to race! Get the pet to the finish line by controlling its pace. Click ‘Run’ to blaze through the track and ‘Jump’ to overcome any hurdle. The first to get to the final point wins the game!

Dress Up
Pets can look a million times better when they wear the right accessories. Choose from a wide range of saddles to stirrups, bridles, and reins to enhance their look. These add-ons offer comfort for the rider and protect the pet from harsh outdoor conditions. Plus, the stylish equipment creates a unique appearance for the pet!


  • Help Karen care for the pet unicorns and horses living at the stables.
  • Three different modes (caring, racing, dress up) to switch up the gameplay!
  • Fulfill the pet’s needs like water and food and level up without losing hearts.
  • Race against other pets and control the horse’s pace on the track.
  • Give the pet a spotlight-ready aesthetic by mixing and matching accessories.

It’s a guaranteed fun day as you explore the activities on the Girl Games, Unicorn, and Horse app—download now!

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