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Olivia bride & wedding dresses



There’s something magical about weddings and bridal dresses that make them dream-worthy. The real deal might be years away, but this game gives a glimpse of how it is once it happens! Celebrate the beauty of weddings by becoming a stylist to the stunning brides who are about to walk the aisle. Give them a great makeover that transforms them into the prettiest of all!

Best spa day
The beauty of the bride and their wedding dress is better appreciated when they look and feel fabulous. Select among the bride-to-be models: Olivia, Amelia, Sophia, and Emma as the first customer. Firstly, give their hair a lovely sheen by washing it thoroughly using fragrant shampoo, then blow dry after. She’s also due for a spa appointment, so make sure to give her the best skincare treatment to make her face glow!

Best makeover
With her hair and face at their healthiest ever, it’s time to prepare for the wedding. Choose the most suitable hairstyle for the bride, giving each strand a thorough comb to get rid of frizzy hair. There are several choices for hair, including an updo, ponytail, bob cut, and more. Once that’s done, set the most gorgeous makeup like blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick, especially for her!

Best dress up
To complete the bride’s look, pick the dress that keeps all eyes on her as she marches towards the altar. Select matching jewelry to go along her outfits such as earrings, a necklace, and a tiara fit for a princess. Players can dress up the groom, too!

  • Choose the bride to give a full spa and makeover treatment today.
  • Wash her hair thoroughly and blow dry with care to give it more volume.
  • Perform the best skincare routine to get rid of imperfections and add a beautiful glow.
  • Select the hairstyle and makeup fitting for the bride-to-be.
  • Dress her and her future husband to get matching looks!

Love is in the air and you’re playing a huge role in the couple’s happy ending! Become the most in-demand wedding stylist when you download Olivia bride & wedding dresses today!

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