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White Horse Princess Dress Up



It’s time to pamper the princess and her lovely horse today in this fun dress-up game! Her highness wants to spend the day with her pet outdoors, where many adventures await. The player transforms into the royal assistant who takes care of the princess’ morning routine. It’s a magical time and chance to become a stylist for the elite!

Skincare Expert
First things first, the princess requires her morning skincare regimen to make her face glow. The task is to wash gently and thoroughly using her facial soap. Then, treat the blemishes and spots with a specially formulated cream. There’s also a face mask to apply to make her skin smooth and supple. Lastly, apply makeup to enhance the princess’ beauty!

Dress Her Up
People who love fashion will surely fall in love with this dress-up portion! The selection is filled with elegant dresses, accessories, tiaras, and shoes that create a perfectly regal look. Players can mix and match to their heart’s content, finding the best combinations befitting a lady. There’s also an option to save the final look, so players can still access their favorites in the future.

Pet Horse Care
The princess will only be ready to go out when her pet horse is also in her best form! Wash and clean the horse from her mane to her toes and brush her teeth thoroughly. Put on the pet’s horseshoe to protect the hooves as they explore outdoors. Players can also accessorize and change the horse’s hair color to match the princess, too!

  • Get the princess and her pet ready with this dress-up game.
  • Perform her highness skincare routine for a healthy, glowing face.
  • Dress the princess up in royal clothes, shoes, and accessories that enhance her style.
  • Save a favorite look and load it up for future use.
  • Dress up the princess’ pet horse and make them the most stunning pair!

The White Horse Princess Dress Up game will be your new favorite game if you’re a fan of royal fashion. Make sure to get it today!

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