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Fun Mouth Doctor, Dentist Game



The dentist is in! The children in line are waiting for an expert to clean, brighten, and whiten their teeth. It’s a busy day at the clinic and there are a lot of tasks to do! Players must pick a character and get to cleaning and fixing their dental problems. It’s the app that teaches the basics of a dentist’s job and what a full day tending to patients is like. Let’s get started!

Choose a Character
There’s a queue at the dental clinic today, and they need help, fast! Each character comes in with a toothache that requires professional care. Select the first patient to sit at the orthodontic chair and receive treatment. Firstly, the dentist needs to check-up on the teeth and perform a general cleaning. The tools are in order, with a basic hold-and-drag function to clean the teeth.

Extract and Replace
Oh no, there are a few rotten teeth that need to be extracted! Using the right tool, pull them out and select new pearly whites to replace them. A few ‘hidden’ issues are also waiting to be eliminated. Germs cause bad breath and toothache—the mouth doctor needs to get rid of them, fast! Select the tool that matches the microbe and remove every single one.

Get Designing
Now, for the fun part—enhancing the look of the character’s pearly whites. Players can set various charms for the braces, as well as fun, vibrant colors for the teeth. This customization option keeps their pearly whites clean and protected for longer!

  • Pick among several characters for the mouth doctor to treat.
  • Clean the teeth using the tools lined up at the bottom of the screen.
  • Extract the bad teeth and put in the new replacements.
  • Clean the inside of the mouth and remove the germs.
  • Design the braces with charms and color the teeth for added aesthetic.

Becoming a mouth doctor is no simple feat, but you can experience what it’s like with the Fun Mouth Doctor, Dentist Game. Download now!

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