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Dentist fear – Doctor games



Trips to the dentist might be scary to think about, but it’s not how they paint it to be! Help patients to overcome their fear of the dentist clinic by becoming the best and friendliest doctor today. Cure their toothache like an expert and give them a fun experience while getting their treatment. Give them more reasons to love dental care!

Select the patient
It’s another busy day at the clinic as patients of all ages line up for a checkup. The problem is, most of them are fearful while they’re waiting for their turn! As the dentist, the player’s job is to put them at ease by performing treatments with gentle hands. Pick the patient, take a good look at their oral cavity, and make notes of what procedures are required.

Treat the trouble
Turn on the overhead light to spot the various concerns on their teeth and mouth. Using the tools available, start by picking up each instrument in order. When all the yellowed teeth, broken teeth, debris, and other external problems are solved, the next step is to get rid of germs. Match the tool with the type of microorganism and eliminate them with a spray.

Beautifying teeth
Now comes the part that creates attractive pearly whites: donning unique designs! Players can help maintain the patient’s oral health by applying a protective layer on each tooth. There’s also a selection of designs to adorn the teeth with decorations like gems, stars, and other images.


  • Choose the patient (school children, animals, or magical creatures) to treat.
  • Lead them to the dental chair and examine their oral problems.
  • Prescribe the best treatments and procedures to solve their concerns.
  • Perform deep cleaning by getting rid of germs that cause mouth infections.
  • Choose a design and add a colored layer for healthier teeth and gums!

Here’s a game that will help you learn to love dentists (if you still don’t!)! Download Dentist Fear- Doctor games and have a great time playing the role of the best dentist in town.

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