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Shopping mall & dress up game



Whether you enjoy dressing characters up or experimenting with fashion, the Shopping Mall & Dress Up Game is a great option to help you unleash your inner fashion designer.

You can shop all day and pick out new clothes and accessories to build unique and exciting outfits with. After going shopping, players can enjoy heading to the spa and salon for some ultimate TLC. There, the characters can enjoy a pamper session and get their hair and nails done, which is ideal if you want to make your character look and feel their best.

After being pampered, continue to get changed into your new clothes and accessories for the finished look.

The key features of the Shopping mall & dress up game include:

  • Picking out every part of the outfit from accessories to new clothes.
  • Selecting beauty products for hair and makeup.
  • Check out the items you have chosen at the cashier.
  • Pay with a card and travel around town after your shopping trip.
  • Stop at the spa for a pamper session.
  • Try on the clothes and create new outfits.

The Shopping mall & dress-up game is perfect for anyone that wants to create new outfits and enjoy pampering a character so your idea of fashion can come to life.

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