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Emily Goes to Hair Salon Game



Meet Emily, a cute and bubbly girl who must get ready for a special day—a trip to the hair salon! Help her finish her morning routine and make it in time for her appointment. Keeping her happy is a priority. With the right toy and gentle care, Emily can give the brightest smiles that can light up anyone’s day!

Wake Up, Emily
There’s an adventure waiting for lovely girl Emily, but she needs to wake up for it to start! Follow the guide to the first task: waking her up to get to her hair appointment in time. There are several tactics to try, like shaking her gently and letting her dear cat wake her. Give her some of her favorite dolls so she doesn’t get upset from an early start!

Eat Healthy, Emily
Emily should fill her tummy before heading out, but first, she needs to shower and brush her teeth. Players must make sure that she has a good and fun bath with her toys to keep her company. Little Emily also needs to give her teeth a thorough brush and floss. Her pearly whites are the secret to her lovable smile!

Hair Day for Emily
Dress Emily in an outfit that suits her style thanks to a great selection of dresses and pants in her closet. She can also wear jewelry from her cutesy collection, and a pair of shoes to complete the getup. As soon as she’s driven to the hair salon, give her a haircut using the tools on the table. Lastly, take a photo of her new look.


  • Get Emily ready for her hair salon day by waking her up in the morning.
  • Help her shower and perform mouth care to maintain her beautiful teeth.
  • Assist Emily with her breakfast and fruit juice to get her energy up for the day.
  • Choose an outfit for the lovely little lady.
  • Cut and style Emily’s hair and bring a smile to her face!

This makeover Emily Goes to Hair Salon Game is the ultimate app for you, fashion lover! Download it right now and give Emily a helping hand so she can enjoy her day!

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