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Fashion Nail Salon



It’s all about nails, nails, and more nails! Join an immersive experience as a salon expert that specializes in everything nails! From cleaning to painting to decorating, every aspiring nail care professional can pick up a technique or two from this app. It’s a first-hand experience in the world of beauty makeovers that prettify the client.

Color the Nails
The perfectly cut and shaped nails are ready for an enhancing pop of color! Pick a polish with some of the brightest and most eye-catching shades and coat the nail from base to tip. It is divided into three sections to enable players to combine colors for a more unique style. There’s a ‘Clean’ option to remove the polish completely and start over.

Hand Embellishments
Nail care also includes giving the hands some extra oomph by adding designs and jewelry. There are fun stickers to select like butterflies, diamonds, and a lighthouse to express the client’s personal style. Players can also select from a range of rings and bracelets in various sizes and designs. Accessorize one finger or all of them with dazzling gems worth displaying!

Nail Art
Now, for the nail care salon’s specialty: trendy nail art for all seasons! Give each nail more character by adding different items from the selection. Animals, fruits, comfort foods, and other endearing objects that represent the client’s favorites. There’s also a bonus: stylists can choose the hands’ skin tone to match the nail polish and art more perfectly!


  • Become a nail care specialist at a popular lady’s salon in the city.
  • Choose a shiny solid color or gradient polish to coat each fingernail.
  • Add nail art to bring more personality to the manicure.
  • Decorate and accessorize the hand and choose the best skin tone that works for the design.
  • Clean the nails and start over with a fresh and fun manicure!

Nail care is a beauty treatment that you need to experience as an aspiring salon owner. Add the Fashion Nail Salon game to your device and get your nail care know-how to the test!

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