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Prom Hairdo



Whether it is prom time approaching or not, users can enjoy making a hairstyle for prom in the Prom Hairdo game.

The single-player simulation game takes users to a hair salon where they can transform a character into a beautiful prom queen. We all know how a simple hair transformation can overhaul anyone attending a prom and the game makes for great practice.

The techniques and results mimic a professional hair salon whereby users can create expert looks and use master hairdressing techniques to transform someone’s hair.

Users do not only have access to cut hair but also to create beautiful hairstyles including braids and decorating the hair with fun accessories.

Alongside creating a new hairstyle for prom, users can also perform makeovers to complete the look of the game character.

The key features of the Prom Hairdo game include:

  • Step-by-step hairdressing techniques from washing and brushing to cutting and styling.
  • Expert blowdrying skills will be accessible so that the user can perform each stage of a hair makeover.
  • Final touches including makeup and hair accessories enhance the look and make it unique.
  • Hair color changes so that the character can change appearance altogether ready for their prom date.
  • The game includes hair styling tutorials for users to understand how to expertly style hair.

The Prom Hairdo game is the best game for those who adore creating fresh hairstyles and honing their cutting abilities. To create lovely hairstyles for prom, users can enjoy every step of the process from wherever they are.

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