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Bike Wash, Cleaning & Mechanic



Bike riding is fun for everyone but so is cleaning and fixing it to look and run its best. This game is about restoring the newness of the bike to make it ride-worthy again. Players can wash, repaint, and repair the flaws of their bikes. It’s also possible to customize the design to display the owner’s personal favorites. From the color to the accessories, there are many ways to express a persona with a bike!

Choose a Bike
There are several bikes in the garage to choose from, each with different flaws that need a spruce up. The player can select a design to work on and start by cleaning the dirt and grime off the body. Before anything else, the bike needs a good wash and dry to remove the blemishes. It deserves a good scrub and wipes to get rid of the surface imperfections.

Fix and Repair
With the exterior cleaned up, the next procedure is to take care of what needs to be repaired. This bike comes into the garage with several wear-and-tear problems on the body. It’s the mechanic’s job to pump up the tires and replace broken parts with new components. Players can also change brakes, oil it up, and do other tasks that restore the bike’s quality.

Design the Bike
No bike repair project is complete without a bike makeover! Head to the next stage starting with a thorough paint job. Select a color and make sure to cover all parts that require the change of hue. There are also other customization options available like choosing a basket from the selection. Mechanics have a wide array of designs to explore!

  • Select a bike from the garage and get it ready for the road or trail!
  • Give the bicycle a good wash and remove the dirt, debris, and rust from the frame.
  • Swap old and damaged components for new, original ones.
  • Add a custom basket to give it a more personalized flair.
  • Try it on a test ride to see if it’s ready for the real world!

Discover how to care for an old bike and make it new-like again when you download the Clean Up, Bike Car Wash Games now!

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