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Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich



Make strawberry magic from farm to table with this highly enticing game that’s made for foodies and cooks! Harvest bright red strawberries and send them to the kitchen to whip up the most sumptuous delicacies. This app is an excellent way to learn and practice cooking skills, giving a taste of what it means to be a pastry chef.

Grow Strawberries
This strawberry cooking game has a great collection of yummy recipes to try. There’s only one problem: the planting plot is dirty! The player needs to clear the land to make it ready for strawberry growing. First, remove the trash and leaves, dig holes in a row and plant the strawberry with care. Give them some water and a little love from ladybugs, and the strawberry will bear its fruit!

Grocery Shopping
Congratulations on harvesting the ripest, juiciest strawberries! Now is the time to go to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients for the tasty treat. Place them on the cart, scan each item, and pay the cashier to quickly start the most challenging part of this game—cooking!

Follow the Recipe
The kitchen is where the magic happens and that’s where the chef reigns. With every grocery on display and strawberries harvested, it’s easy to whip up a flavorful creation. Follow the step-by-step guide and mix the ingredients according to the recipe. Each recipe requires a specific number of strawberries, so make sure to collect them before heading to the cooking station.


  • Learn how to prepare the garden for planting yummy strawberries.
  • Discover techniques like watering and placing ladybugs to keep leaves healthy.
  • Prepare for the strawberry pastry making by harvesting the fruit and grocery shopping.
  • Harvest the right number of strawberries to unlock different recipes.
  • Take picture-perfect photos of the finished product!

Do you dream of owning a strawberry farm and café? This simply charming game is the experience you never want to miss out on! Download Cooking Game Farm Strawberries on your device and start your journey now!

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