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bweb media

Bweb Media is a leading game developer boasting a healthy portfolio of roughly 100 games in circulation. Established in April 2013, it continues to amass millions of app downloads thanks to its most engaging and interactive titles. Most of its games cater to a younger audience, providing apps that promote creativity and learning fun.

Bweb Media games are available on both Google Play and Apple App Store (under publisher name BWEB SARL). A decade’s worth of expertise in the market allowed the company to master the art of creating high-quality applications. Its top-notch formula explains how it has over 400 million Google Play downloads and more than 1.2 million ratings.

The publisher delivers a broad range of apps in different genres, appealing to a wide market. There are Bweb Media games that delve into fashion, cooking, pet care, and dress-up. From casual to lifestyle to educational apps, the titles promise an immersive and rewarding user experience.

Gameplay mechanics for various Bweb games are simple and user-friendly. It combines colorful graphics with wholesome content that young players can follow along with ease. Some of the most popular titles in the developer’s library include Cooking Games Chef, Fashion Nail Salon, Candy Cake Maker, and more.

Consistent with its goals, Bweb Media makes its high-quality games available on the biggest mobile platforms. Users with an Android or iOS device can browse through their respective app stores and find the publisher’s content easily. It adds to the appeal of their games that boast a ton of entertainment and educational value.

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