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Top Car Wash – Cleaning Game



Welcome to the world of transportation vehicles and keeping them in tip-top shape! This game is for those who have a liking for automotives like cars, buses, planes, and more. In this app, there’s a chance to discover what it takes to clean from the exterior to the interior of a vehicle, making it ready for the journey. Players can select different levels and modes that spell endless fun!

Choose a Level
Users are in for a treat as this game introduces various land and air vehicles that are up for cleaning. Before they can run, these machines need the care and attention that only an expert mechanic can provide. Through this app, the player can choose to clean and fix a police car, sports car, school bus, or airplane. There’s a vehicle to maintain depending on what suits their mood.

Clean It, Fix It
Next up, performing a thorough cleaning of the vehicle! Players need to pay attention to every dirt, debris, and damage on the exterior. From scrubbing the blemish of the paintjob to giving the car a classic scrub-and-rub wash. It also includes wiping the windshield clean, leaving no marks on the glass to see the path clearly.

Polish and Decorate
With the outside in great condition, it’s time to give the interior a spruce up. The floor mat and seats are filled with rubbish that needs to be put in a trash can. To ensure the leather is spick and span, a good polish with the soft rug should do the trick. Players can also decorate the exterior by giving it a new color and putting fiery designs that create a better aesthetic.


  • Choose from different modes of transportation such as car, bus, or plane to clean and fix.
  • Restore the new-like beauty of the exterior by washing and wiping the vehicle.
  • Get rid of rubbish and stains on the seats and flooring.
  • Add more oomph by adding unique designs to the paintjob.
  • Take a photo of the vehicle and share!

Mechanics-to-be, this Top Car Wash – Cleaning Game is for you! Give it a try by downloading from the app store and learn what sort of care automotives need.

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