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Cooking Games, Make Ice Creams



It’s a sweet time making ice cream of different flavors, textures, and aesthetics with this special game. Players can go through the different steps of making the perfect icy treat, from choosing the right ingredients to pouring and mixing according to the recipe. The result: a gem of a dessert that takes effort and accuracy to create!

Smart Shopper
To whip up the perfect ice cream delicacy, the chef needs to take a trip to the grocery store. Search the shelf for the right ingredients for the chosen delicacy. Inside the fridge are other fixings to add to the mixture. Players, be careful in picking, because some of the items do not belong to the recipe. Put them in the basket to proceed with the next step.

Mix and Magic
Now that the shopping list is complete, it’s time to get mixing! Following the guide, start by opening each item and putting it in the bowl. Blend each mixture, set aside, and combine them altogether to create the perfect ice cream dessert. This game is where would-be pastry chefs can hone their skills in making the sweetest, most delectable treats.

Decorate and Enjoy!
Once everything is done, the next move is to enhance the aesthetic of the pastry. Choose from different colors, drizzles, scoops, and other decorations to give the dessert a more drool-worthy look. Players can also change the plating to add oomph to the dish.


  • Different ice cream recipes to follow and create.
  • Get a feel of real-world grocery shopping, scanning, and paying for items.
  • Learn the ingredients and steps in creating the dessert.
  • Improve skills in decorating sweet treats to make them more delectable.
  • Fun animations and background to take a screenshot of the finished product!

Overall, this game is a lovely addition to a food lover’s collection. You can learn about ice cream making and more by downloading Cooking Games, Make Ice Creams today!

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