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Burger shop fast food



Burger Shop Fast Food Game
There are many people across the globe who loves burgers. You will also find many burger joints in many nations. But do you wish to operate a burger shop of your own?

If you want to run a burger restaurant, then the Burger Shop Fast Food game will be worth playing. You will get the chance to play as the owner of a burger shop and serve delicious burgers to your customers.

Make burgers and earn funds

This burger shop game is not like the ones that people normally play. It’s more like a challenge where you must make burgers within a certain time. Players need to make burgers that are displayed on the left side of the screen.

To complete each day, players must earn a specific amount by correctly making the burgers. The more burgers they make, the quicker they get to complete their objective before the time runs out.

Play all the levels

The game contains different burger shops. Each level has a different layout where players will find all the food items displayed differently. Complete the first level to reach every next level.

Unlock all the ingredients

During the 1st day of the game, only a limited number of items will be available. But players can unlock all the other ingredients when they keep completing the challenges. You must complete the challenges to unlock other locked items. Once you unlock them, you can utilize them to make different kinds of burgers.

The Features

This Burger Shop Fast Food game will keep all the players engaged for a long time. Also, the game has some unique features which are worth knowing:

  • Instantly create your hot dogs and burgers by dragging them from the bottom section
  • To eat the newly created hot dogs and burgers, just tap on them.
  • Prepare your food at a given time as there will be a timer located at top
  • Use different and unique ingredients to make burgers of your choice
  • Keep creating delicious burgers and rise up the ranks in the burger shop

Get the opportunity to open a burger shop and serve delicious burgers to all your customers. You can also add other dishes like hot dogs, juices and sodas with it.

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