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Caring for puppy salon games



With sparkly eyes and a cute goofy smile, these puppies are eager to meet their stylists! Players get to experience what it feels like to pamper pooches properly at this high-profile salon. Give the pets an all-around pet care bonanza, paying particular attention to their physical appearance and health. With plenty of tasks to complete, there’s no boring day at this pet care salon!

Several pups lined up today, and players get to choose which tiny pet goes first for the spa treatment. Select the first client and lead from the waiting area to the main hall. Firstly, give the pup a thorough wash and use the recommended tools and formula to get rid of the dirt, ticks, and grime on their body. Don’t forget to dry them properly, wipe them clean, and cut their nails, too!

Cure the boo-boos
Oh no, the puppy looks sad and sick! Using the tools available, perform a checkup and give some medicine and eye drops to heal their illness. Next, clean the wounds to take the pain away. It’s also a must to clean their room to maintain their healthy and happy attitude! Give them their favorite dog food and milk to fill their tummies with a delicious and nutritious meal!

Rest and relax
Sleeping is a must for pets to regain their energy for the next day. Cover the pup with their favorite blanket and a favorite toy to keep them comfy in bed. When it’s time to wake up, they’re off to another salon visit for a makeover! Choose the best look for the pooch and dress them up in the nicest clothes for an outdoor stroll.


  • Start at the first level and choose the puppy to experience the full salon treatment.
  • Give the pet a good wash and wipe to get rid of dirt and ticks on their fur.
  • Cure their illnesses and wounds and bring them back to health!
  • Prepare their favorite food and feed them to their heart’s content.
  • Take them to the makeover section and select an outfit that matches the pup.

Fall in love with puppies over and over again with the Caring for puppy salon games! Become a famous pet stylist by downloading this app now!

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