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Gymnastics Sports Competition



Ever wanted to become a world-renowned coach for a gymnast who wins trophies and medals? Here’s a game crafted especially for those who want to make this dream a reality. Get the full experience of coaching a competing athlete in the arena of gymnastics. From the makeover to training to the actual performance, it’s all here from A to Z!

Dress the gymnast
Select the competing gymnast and lead them to the dressing room for a uniform change. With the wardrobe available, choose a top and bottom combination to enhance her look. Pick matching arm bands and shoes to keep her comfortable during practice. Next, take her to the spa and pamper her skin to the fullest. Apply the best masks and remove the blemishes for that perfect glow.

To the gymnastics training
A warmup is much needed for gymnasts! Train the athlete to improve her posture, balance, and confidence in the upcoming performance. Follow the guide that displays how to do every move, and let the gymnast copy it. Each action counts—make sure the athlete has her flexibility and style in check to perfect all the moves!

Slaying the competition
Now, for the heart-pounding event: the competition! Put all the learnings into practice as gymnasts go head-to-head for the medal. Style the athlete with the most suitable clothing and give her a picture-perfect look. There’s no other goal but a spot at the number one podium!

  • Choose one of three gymnasts to coach them to a trophy win.
  • Dress up the athlete in stretchable clothing to perform comfortably.
  • Give her a spa day treatment for pretty and blemish-free skin.
  • Provide the best training for the gymnast to get her ready for the competition.
  • Create the final look for the performance and hit the stage for the winning moment!

Your gymnast is a winner with you as the coach! Download the Gymnastics Sports Competition game and lead your athlete to victory today.

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