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Princess room cleanup games



Princesses are known for their elegance, talent, and beauty. As a princess, everything should be perfect, even the rooms. In this Princess Room Cleanup Game, players will get the opportunity to clean up a messy and dirty princess room and restore it to its former glory. This is a fun and interactive game where you must manage and clean up a princess’s room.

It’s Cleaning Time!

In this game, players must clean up the princess rooms quickly. You will find the “Timer,” “Points,” and the “Hint” section displayed on the left side of the screen.

To complete the cleaning work quickly, players can use “soap,” “a duster,” and a “floor sweeper” to eliminate all the dirt and dust from the room. Use these things properly to remove cobwebs, mud stains, and dust from the corners and paper scraps from the room.

When you organize and clean everything in the room correctly, you will score 50 points for each. Choosing incorrectly will deduct 5 points. You will also find the number of items you need to eliminate and organize displayed at the top of the screen.

Complete all the levels

This Princess Room Cleanup game contains multiple levels. Every level shows a different room, and some of the levels even display a study room, a bedroom with a castle-shaped bed, and a living room. You will also encounter rooms that contain pumpkin-shaped beds and big wardrobes.

If players wish to get to the next level, they must clean all the rooms within a given time and score a high point. If he/she cannot find a certain item or doesn’t know what needs to be fixed, they can use the “Hint” option.

Features to watch out for

This unique princess bedroom cleaning game also comes with some features that you should know of:

  • Straighten up the wall hangings, lights and furniture in the room
  • Throw away all the rubbish into the garbage bin to make the floor look clean
  • Take the scrubber and remove all the stains from the walls
  • Use the duster and the sweeper to get rid of the dirt and cobwebs
  • Place the teddies and dolls on the bed and chairs

So, are you all set to help the princess clean her room?? This game will enable you to transform a dirty and messy room into a space fit for a royal.

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