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Puppy games & kitty game salon



Giving your furry child a makeover will not just make them feel better but will also let them know that you love and care for them. If you wish to feel like a pet owner that pampers their pet a lot, the Puppy Games and Kitty Games Salon is a game you should check out.

Players will get to have a whole new gaming experience through this game, where they will not groom kittens but also dogs.

Choose your pet

Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat person, right before starting the game, you can choose the pet you wish to give a makeover. Players will come across kittens and puppies, and they can opt for the one based on their preference.

Clean the room

Now that you’ve picked your pet, it’s time to clean up the room. This room contains a lot of dirt, and you must eliminate them. Place things like banana peels, wraps, and paper balls in the garbage.

Take the cloth on the right side at the lower section and remove all the paw prints from the ground and the walls. Also, don’t forget to organize the books, fix the picture frame and position the flower vase correctly.

Give your pet a warm bath

After fixing the room, you must clean your furry child as well. Take them to the washroom and use soap to remove all the dirt.

Take the shower handle and get rid of the foam and soap from their body. After that, use the dry towel and remove the excess water. To properly get rid of all the water from their fur, use the dryer and then give their fur a good brush and trim off their nails properly.

Feed them and dress them up

Now, coming to the main section of the Puppy Games and Kitty Games Salon, here, you have to feed your pet and also get to dress them up with different clothes and accessories.

The Features 

The game comes with some of the coolest features. These are:

  • Clean up all the mess your pet made in the office
  • Rinse, wash, dry and brush your pet to make appear cute and clean
  • Before you give your pet a lot of attention give them water and feed them well
  • Dress them up with pretty clothes and accessorize them with cute headpieces
  • Cut their nails so that they don’t scratch.

Playing this highly engaging game will give you an idea of how to give your furry child a good makeover. It’s guaranteed that you will love playing it.

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