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Sandra & Max Learn House-craft



Home is where people enjoy rest and comfort, but there are so many chores to take care of, too! Go with siblings Sandra and Max to learn the art of keeping the house a lovely place to live in. With several tasks to complete, players can spend hours on this game. It’s the way to sharpen one’s skills in performing errands and keep a lovely and happy home.

Choose a Chore
The house is in a bit of disarray, and it is up to Max and Sandra to tidy up the place. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the garage and more, players can pick one room at a time to clean. There are also opportunities to build and fix structures and whip up treats, enabling an all-around experience in house-craft.

Fulfill Every Task
Each area brings a different set of challenges for the player, Sandra, and Max. For instance, the kitchen is where players can learn to follow a recipe and create a recipe from scratch. In the living room, stains and watermarks can be wiped. Players should also take away the trash by throwing it in the bin. With everything spick and span, playtime and relaxation at home are guaranteed!

Unlock New Stages
There are special areas in the house that players can explore, with several chores to complete at each level. These unlockable stages are accessible along with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, dressing room, laundry room, and garden. These sections of Max and Sandra’s abode need some cleaning and fixing, too!


  • Help Max and Sandra perform chores to keep the house clean.
  • Choose a room or area that needs quick attention and complete the required tasks.
  • Perform basic tasks like mopping floors and picking up trash.
  • Get cooking in the kitchen by following the recipe!
  • Earn praises and rewards by doing a thorough job of tidying up the entire house.

Get rewarded for being excellent at finishing chores with a little help from Sandra & Max Learn House-craft game. Download and try it for yourself right away!

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