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Dressing Rooms Clean Up



The princess’ mansion has so many rooms, but everything is topsy-turvy at the moment! The house needs a thorough clean-up to ensure that the princess is happy, healthy, and relaxed. As such, the player must display the best skills in household chores, including picking up the trash and straightening the furniture that are askew. The biggest challenge: all areas should be spick and span before the timer runs out!

Speed-Up Clean Up
The caretaker of the mansion is assigned to perform basic house chairs but there’s a time limit to observe. Players must select the first level and successfully fulfill all tasks before the next stage is unlocked. The score adds up when the correct chore is done but beware of minuses when wrong items are picked up or touched!

Learn the Chores
Some chores include picking up scattered rubbish and objects and dusting the walls and furniture. The player needs to wipe the dirt and stains on windows, tables, and floors, too. As for broken fixtures, there is a way to fix them all.

Unlock All Areas
Players can progress from one level to another if every chore is done successfully. However, there is always a probability that the tasks cannot be finished before the timer runs out. No need to fret—the available hints are very useful in completing the harder levels. The bedroom, living room, playroom, kitchen, and dressing room will be in their best form once all the tasks are perfected!


  • Start the first level by cleaning the designated room to unlock another level.
  • Beat the timer and perform all required tasks to progress in the game.
  • Sharpen cleaning skills and accuracy by completing the level in the fastest way.
  • Hints help players perform the finishing touches to pass the level.
  • Keep the princess happy by completely cleaning every nook and cranny.

You can have fun and learn from the Dressing Rooms Clean Up game at the same time! Download and play this app today.

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