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Animal Games, Pet-Sitter



Animal Games, Pet-Sitter game has two modes; Grooming and Petsitter. In the Grooming mode, gamers start by choosing their lovely pet. The first task is to clean the dirty. The second task is to pick a broom and clean the pet’s waste. In this mode, a hint is given on how the final pet’s shelter should look, hence making it easy to complete the grooming task; arranging the balls, woofs, toys, etc neatly. Flies in the room can then be done away with and put in the recycle bin.

After the pet’s room is cleaned, click ‘Next’  so as to clean the pet itself. Players will be directed on how to brush, shower, and dry the pet. Other parts of this mode include feeding, dressing, and putting the pet on a show.

In the petsitter mode, there are 16 levels to be played and coins to be won in the process. In this mode, game time is monitored as the nurse is made to give the pets food after placing them in the enclosure. Waste is put in the recycle bin. As the game proceeds, players are shown their scores.

Features at Grooming Salon

  • Pick a pet to take to get groomed.
  • Make the mess made disappear so the salon looks tidy and inviting.
  • As part of their pet maintenance and grooming, the participants wash and clean their animals.
  • They feed their pet their favorite meals in an effort to make them happy.
  • Accessorize your look to impress your friends and win the show.

Features at Pet Sitter

  • Adorable cats and dogs that they can take care of.
  • Take care of the animals by giving them food, drink, and medical attention.
  • Give the animals attention to ensure their happiness and well-being.
  • A variety of levels demand they cover so as to win rewards.
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